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DEMO Prebuilt UM4 Compact Tactical Robot - SOLD
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DEMO Prebuilt UM4 Compact Tactical Robot - SOLD
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DEMO Prebuilt UM4 Compact Tactical Robot - SOLD
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This is a prebuil robot that was used slightly for demonstrations. Ready to ship, fully assembled and ready to run. The robot is configured as listed below. If you desire a custom configuration please follow this link and select the options at the bottom of the page. If you require further customization, please fill out our custom robot request form.

***This robot comes with an upgraded industrial handheld controller.***

The UM4 robot is a complete, pre-assembled robot with an older roll cage. This surveillance robot is a very portable robot weighing only 14 pounds. Each of its 4 wheels is driven by independent powerful gear motors. The system comes with everything you need to go to work, whether its inspecting crawl spaces under houses or providing the first line of defense in tactical situations. The built-in infrared camera allows you to see in total darkness, under normal light its a high-quality color image. The video is displayed real-time on the included 7" wide color LCD.

Pre-Built Configuration:

  • Completely enclosed 4WD robot chassis with integrated pan and tilt camera system (actual robot pictured above)
  • Industrial Handheld Remote Console (actual remote pictured above)
  • Compact design with all components carefully placed for optimum spacing and most effective operation using solid modeling 3-D CAD software
  • Four (4) planetary IG32P 265RPM 24VDC gear motors - one per wheel
  • 22.2VDC 3000mAhr Li-Ion drive battery. Run time 1.5 to 8 hours depending on use
  • 11.1VDC 5000mAhr Li-Ion video power battery. Run time 7-10 hours
  • Custom 10Amp dual motor controller specifically designed for this robot
  • Industrial handheld RC controller (See our support page for help with your controller)
  • Fuse blocks, terminal blocks, charging ports, switch, etc. all integrated into the design
  • Integrated roll cage that doubles as a carrying handle
  • Integrated low profile pan and tilt system with color camera and 10 LED total darkness night vision
  • Chassis made from heavy gauge aluminum that is laser cut and CNC bent. Chassis seams are welded. The entire body is painted flat black.
  • Total weight of fully assembled robot: 14lbs
  • Total height (floor to top of roll cage): 9 inches, total width: 13.25 inches, total length: 13.5 inches
  • 5” foam filled All-Terrain tires and rims
  • Ground clearance: 1.25 inches
  • Speed: 0 to 6 feet per second, infinitely adjustable/controllable

Video Transmission:

  • Video is sent back with a 900MHz transmitter. The receiver is mounted to the RC controller or in the Pelican case and the video is transmitted to the 7” color LCD.

Smart Chargers:

  • The chargers are for the 24V motor batteries, 12V video/control battery, and 12V control console battery.
  • The chargers are fully automatic and will charge all the batteries simultaneously.

Documentation and Support:


  • This robot is prebuilt, please allow 1-2 days for shipment.
  • Contact us if you need expedited.


The UM4 compact security robot is a complete tactical robot kit including the robot, camera/video system, control system, and charging station. The UM4 is incredibly rough for it's compact, agile design.
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