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Ethernet Switch Module - 5 Port 10/100M
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Ethernet Switch Module - 5 Port 10/100M
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Ethernet Switch Module - 5 Port 10/100M
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This is a 5 port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet switch module. The module comes as the assembled PCB as shown above. This is perfect for extending a cabling run or enabling a small Ethernet based network. The small size and low power nature of this module makes it perfect for robotic applications.

The 5 10/100Mbps Ethernet switches module each port to support Auto-Negotiation function. For Broadband local area network provides an economical, practical, cost-effective 10/100Mbps LAN sharing, The same times, for connect to each end-user on the LAN to provide stable performance and High-Throughout data transfer, each port support store-and-forward mode, it can effectively isolate the broadcast storms, reducing the packet error and the wrong packet, to avoid network congestion and conflict.

The switch module provides half-duplex flow control and full-duplex mode backpressure mode on all ports, It can to improve bandwidth server and network protocol compatibility. The same time, the LED indicator to diagnose the operating status of each port and the entire system, This switch has energy saving and environmental protection.

Features and Specifications:

  • Standards: IEEE 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3x flow control
  • Protocol: CSMA/CD
  • Filtering and Transmitting speed: Ethernet 10Mbps (half duplex),20Mbps (full duplex); 10BASE-T:14,880pps/port
    Fast Ethernet 100Mbps (half duplex),200Mbps (full duplex);100BASE-TX :148800pps/port
  • Topology: Star
  • Network Medium: 10Base-T:Cat 3 or above Cat.3 UTP(≤100m)
    100Base-TX:Cat 5 UTP(≤100m)
  • Number of Ports: 5port 10/100M RJ45 ports
  • UPLINK: Any port (support Auto-MDI/MDIX function)
  • Transmits Method: Store-and-Forward
  • Temperature: Operating Temperature 0 C~40 C (32 F~104 F)
    Storage Temperature -40 C~70 C (-40 F~158 F)
  • Humidity: Operating Humidity 10%~90% non-condensing
    Storage humidity 5%~95% non-condensing
  • Switch capacity: 1G
  • LED Indications: 1* power LED(Power: Red)
    5* port LEDs(Link/Act: Green)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 94.5 x 41.5 x 20.25 mm
  • Power Supply: (Not Included) External Supply power adapter DC 7.5V 1A
    Rated for 5-12VDC Input.
    2.1x5.5mm barrel connector
  • Case Material: no
  • Certificate: CE RoHS
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This Switch module comes with a 2.1x5.5mm barrel plug power connector. If you want a connector to mate to it, select it below. Review descriptions above for details of the different connectors.

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This is a 5 port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Switch module. The module complies with IEEE 802.l and IEEE 802.3u standards.
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