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Powerful RC controllers allow for precision control. 2.4GHz frequency hopping makes for very reliable and robust control of you robot or other projects.
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FLYSKY FS-i6s 2.4G 10 Channel Transmitter & Receiver
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FLYSKY FS-i6s 2.4G 10 Channel Transmitter & Receiver
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FLYSKY FS-i6s 2.4G 10 Channel Transmitter & Receiver
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The FS-i6S follows in the footsteps of previous FLYSKY controllers while incorporating new and exciting features. The I6S is a 6-channel transmitter, which is suitable for quadcopters, robotics, excavators, and other vehicle models. The capacitative touch screen greatly enhances the user experience.

The AFHDS 2A (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System Second Generation) developed and patented by FLYSKY is specially developed for all radio control models. Offering superior protection against interference while maintaining lower power consumption and high reliable receiver sensitivity, FLYSKY's AFHDS technology is considered to be one of the leaders in the RC market today.

  • Model Type: Quadcopter, Robotics, Engineering, Vehicles
  • Color: Black
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 410g
    • Size: 174mm x 89mm x 190mm
    • Battery: 6V (4 AA Batteries)
    • Channels: 10
    • Range: 500-1500m (in the air)
    • RF Frequency: 2.408 -2.475GHz
    • 2.4ghz System: AFHDS 2A
    • Bandwidth: 500KHz
    • RF Channel: 135
    • RF Power: Less Than 20dBm
    • Code Modulation Type: GFSK
    • Stick Resolution: 4096
    • Port: PS2/USB
    • Charger Port: No
    • Antenna type: Built-in dual antenna
    • Display type: Capacitative Touch Screen
    • Low Voltage Warning: Less than 4.2V
    • On-line updates: Yes
    • Certification: CE, RCM, FCC ID: N4ZFLYSKYI6S
    • Temperature Range: -10°C to +60°C
    • Humidity Range: 20%-95%


    Bi Directional Communication: Capable of sending and receiving data, each transmitter is capable of receiving data from temperature, altitude and many other types of sensors, servo calibration and i-BUS Support.

    Multi-channel Hopping Frequency:This systems bandwidth ranges from 2.4055GHz to 2.475GHz. This band is divided into 140 channels. Each transmitter hops between 16 channels in order to reduce interference from other transmitters.

    Omni-directional Gain Antenna: The high efficiency Omni-directional high gain antenna cuts down on interference while using less power and maintaining a strong reliable connection.

    Unique ID Recognition System: Each transmitter and receiver has it's own unique ID. Once the transmitter and receiver have been paired, they will only communicate with each other, preventing other systems accidentally connecting or interfering with the system's operation.

    Low Power Consumption: The system is built using highly sensitive low power consumption components, maintaining high receiver sensitivity, while consuming as little as one-tenth the power of a standard FM system, dramatically extending battery life.

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    The FlySky FS-i6s 2.4G 10 Channel AFHDS Remote Control Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver.
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