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IG52-SB4-T, 4WD All Terrain Robot with Custom Length
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IG52-SB4-T, 4WD All Terrain Robot with Custom Length
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IG52-SB4-T, 4WD All Terrain Robot with Custom Length
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SuperDroid Robots
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$1,398.39/ea. - Qty: 3 - 5
$1,324.79/ea. - Qty: 6 and above
Built to Order: 2-5 Days

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These All Terrain Robots (ATRs) are designed and fabricated in North Carolina USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics.

This is a flexible base robot kit that enables you to easily change the length. The default configuration comes without electronics or batteries, but they can be selected below or ordered separately. The kit includes custom sides that are 2.5" x 2.5" Aluminum tube with a 1/8" thick wall. We machine it to a custom length. Using two of these you can make your custom sized robot (if you do not select a length, you will receive a standard length tube which is 19" center to center, or 23" long). They support our ATR Wheel and Shaft Set Pair 12mm bore - 10 inch. Four motor adapter plates are provided with hardware to mount IG52 planetary gear motors to the chassis side. The width of robot is up to you, it must be at least (the length the gear motors + 2.5" tube + 1/8" adaptor plate) x 2. A simple piece of plywood, aluminum, or acrylic can be used to tie the two sides together or the sides can be bolted onto your own robot chassis.

Standard Configuration:

  • Standard size: 19" center to center (23" tube length) x 20" wide
  • Custom size ranges: 11"-32.5" wheel center to center (15.25"-36.75" tube length) x 19"-30" wide

Available Options:

One of the options below is for a chassis plate, made out of .125" Aluminum. This will make your robot kit complete. Please note that the chassis plate is bent on each end, which adds .125" onto each side, or .25" total. So, for a 23" tube, the chassis plate is 23.25" long. You need to make sure that you select a width that is wide enough to fit the motors. For example, if you are using 82 RPM motors without encoders, the chassis plate needs to be at least 21" wide. For 82 RPM motors with encoders the chassis plate needs to be at least 22" wide. You can find the length of the motors and encoders on any of the IG52 motor item pages

This robot can be configured with encoders used for telemetry and/or speed control. They are very useful if you are planning on making your robot semi-autonomous. Our motors use hall-effect encoders.

For help selecting the encoder options, read this blog post:

For more information, check out these blog posts:

Contact us if you need help selecting options or need a custom configuration.


  • Click here to view the manual for this robot.
  • Delivery:

    • This item is Built to Order and usually ships in 2-5 Days.
    • Assembly will add approximately 1 week.
    • Need it faster? Contact us


    Item Options - Customize
    Select an option by clicking on its button. To see more details about the option select the option name, selecting 'more details' in the pop-up will take you to that options product page. Default selections (if any) are pre- selected for you. Click on the update button below to see the price with your selected options.

    These are standard items that are required. They are checked and grayed out indicating that they are not optional and cannot be unchecked

    These are the standard included items for this robot kit, please leave all of them selected unless you are sure you do not need them

    Select the desired wheels and shafts. The 13" wheels will only work with 82 RPM motors or slower.

    Select the motors you want for the robot kit. If you are using 13" wheels, 82 RPM motors or slower must be used.

    Select the battery option you want with your robot kit.

    Select this option if you want a customized battery mount(s) that will fit the battery(ies) you selected above.

    No battery bracket
    Customized battery bracket(s) (Add $40.00)

    Select this option if you want us to include an appropriate charging system with your selected robot batteries.

    No Battery Charging System
    Battery Charging System (Add $49.90)

    Select the motor controller you want to use.

    Encoder Options: Be sure to read the post on choosing encoder options (linked in the description above) before selecting any of the following components.

    Select the type of RC Controller you desire to control the robot. If you are planning on using this robot with a microcontroller or similar, a RC controller is not necessary.

    Specify the center to center length of the axles in inches. Total length of side will be an additional 4 inches. Min-max range is 11-32.5 inches. YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX AND INPUT A NUMBER, OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET THE STANDARD LENGTH (19").

    Custom Center to Center Length in inches

    A chassis plate will make your robot complete. Choose width below. If you are using 82 RPM motors (without encoders) you must select a plate width of at least 21". With encoders 22" or more.

    We will size the plate to fit your tube. Make sure to check the box and input a number. If you are using 82 RPM or lower motors you must select a plate width of at least 21".

    Custom Width in inches

    Assembly of the robot chassis, motors, wheels, and wiring.

    Assemble All Terrain 4WD Robot Kit (Add $290.00) (Add 1 week)
    Assemble All Terrain 4WD Robot Kit with Encoders (Add $370.00) (Add 1 week)
    Item Price
    Adjusted Price

    This is 2.5" x 2.5" Aluminum tube with a 1/8" thick wall. We machine it to a custom length. Using two of these you can make your custom sized robot for IG52 motors.
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