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These are specialized robots that are purpose-built for particular task. Use these robots to cut grass, plow snow, pour yourself a beer, etc.
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Keg-a-Droid 2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG52
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Keg-a-Droid 2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG52
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Keg-a-Droid 2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG52
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SuperDroid Robots
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$1,519.05/ea. - Qty: 3 - 5
$1,439.10/ea. - Qty: 6 and above
Built to Order: 1-3 Weeks

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Kegerator not included.

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This is Keg-a-Droid IG52, a remote control 2WD robot with a kegerator. Keg-a-Droid IG52 is equipped with a kegerator that will hold and dispense a half barrel keg. The kegerator is powered from the robot's drive batteries and an AC inverter so that it can operate wirelessly. When the batteries run low, simply use the supplied charger to charge the robot and unplug the kegerator from the inverter and plug it into the wall to keep your beer cold. With Keg-a-droid, you can take the party anywhere.

Keg-a-Droid IG52 is a 2WD robot base. The two drive wheels are in the back of the robot and are chain driven. An omni wheel caster supports it in the front. This setup allows the robot to support high payloads while still being able to drive and turn with ease. The robot is controlled with a DX5e RC controller, which is included with purchase.

Keg-a-Droid comes unassembled by default. If you would like it assembled, select the option below for us to assemble it. Please note that even if you select assembly, some assembly is still required. You will need to purchase the kegerator and mount the it to the robot base. The holes come in the base and we will provide you with all of the required hardware.

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  • This robot is built to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.
  • Need it faster? Contact us.


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Select whether or not you want the chassis painted.

Painted Blue (Add $150.00)

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Assembled (Add $380.00)
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Have a robot bring you a beer! This is our mobile robot platform that is equipped with a kegerator. With Keg-a-Droid you can move the party anywhere. All you'll need is the beer.
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