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These Planetary Gearboxes are nominally 42mm in diameter with permanent magnet reversible 24VDC motors. Several motors have encoders. Speed Range from 5 PRM to 340 RPM.
These are the motor plates and machined tubes that we use when mounting motors in our robots.
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Large Gear Motor Housing for TD-016 - IG42 SB
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Large Gear Motor Housing for TD-016 - IG42 SB
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Large Gear Motor Housing for TD-016 - IG42 SB
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This is a standard gear motor housing. It is sized to go with our small and medium IG42 gear motors. This is a high quality sturdy housing. It is made on our CNC plasma cutting table and the aluminum is keyed and welded together. The structure has mounting screws that match up with the rectangular base and triangular base. The housing also has a precut hole for supporting the outer-race of the bearing that comes with our omni-wheel assemblies and large ATR and small ATR wheel assemblies. This assembly with our ATR Shaft and wheel sets give an extra bearing support for the shaft and wheel so the motor bearing is not doing all the work giving better performance, longer life, and increased weight handling capacity.

Documentation and Support:

Motor Housing Diagram


These housings are made to order and may require a 2-3 business days before shipment.


This is a large gear motor housing. It is sized to go with our large IG42 gear motors.
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