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Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package - IG52 DB - DISCONTINUED
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Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package - IG52 DB - DISCONTINUED
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Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package - IG52 DB - DISCONTINUED
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This kit has been replaced by TP-261-000.


This is something every homeowner needs! A Kit that easily converts a 21inch Yard Machines Lawnmower into a robot that can be driven with remote control or for the adventurous made to cut the lawn autonomously.

We have built many remote control lawnmowers over the years and keep getting request for a DIY kit. Well here it is. This up fit kit will allow you to take a standard YardMachines 21inch lawnmower (found at Home Depot, etc.) and easily modify it to mount to this chassis. The lawnmower is not included, but if you wish you can select for us to include it in the options below. The kit is designed to work only with the 21" yard machine. We can easily modify this kit to work with other lawnmower decks if needed, just contact us for a custom robot quote.

The frame of this robot is made from tube steel and heavy guage steel cut on our CNC plasma table. It's welded together in a jig we set up so the 21 inch Yard Machine lawnmower inserts into the frame using the existing wheel mounts, which also lets you set the height of the deck.

The robot is driven by the provided 10inch tires in the back driven by heavy duty IG52 gear motors and #35 chain and sprockets. The 6 inch casters in the front allow easy maneuverability. Since it's only 2WD, it is not recommended on very hilly or rough lawns as it may struggle with traction. We can make a 4WD platform for those that have more demanding lawns that need a remote cut, contact us for a custom robot.

Standard Configuration:

  • The robot weighs about 120lbs with motors, batteries, and lawnmower.
  • The total length of the robot: 41 inches, total width (frame): 21 inches, total height: 16 inches.
  • Welded Steel Frame Robot Chassis for Yard Machine 21" deck.
  • All the electrical connectors, wires, etc. and hardware needed to get you started.
  • 10" pneumatic drive wheels, 6" pneumatic caster wheels, Shafts, Sprockets, Chains, etc.
  • IG52 24V 136RPM gear motors. (Qty 2)(different motors can be selected in the options below).
  • 2x25 Motor controller (Qty 1)
  • 12V 18Ahr SLA batteries (Qty 2).
  • Battery charger.
  • Unpainted. (you can select for us to paint it in the options below)
  • Lawnmower NOT included. (you can select for us to include the lawnmower in the options below)
  • Unassembled, Manual included. Or you can select full assembly and we will assemble and test it for you.

Looking to extend the functionality of this robot? We have a comprehensive line of Programable controllers including Arduino Products and Sensors including GPS, LIDAR, etc. that can be added to this platform for additional functionality to make this robot autonomous!

Available Options:

(Selected Below)

The standard items and options are listed below. They are listed as links and can be clicked to view further details. We offer different motors, batteries, etc. so you can configure the robot to your exact needs. The weight of the robot, its capacity, speed, etc. depends on the robot's configuration. The item details of the options listed below will specify weights, sizes, etc.

  • Motors
  • RC Controllers
  • Custom Paint
  • Lawnmower
  • Professional Assembly

Documentation and Support:


  • This item is and usually ships in .
  • Assembly will add approximately 1 week.
  • Done
  • Due to the size of this item, freight shipping is typically required. We will contact you after checkout with freight costs and arrangements.
  • Need it faster? Contact us


Item Options - Customize
Select an option by clicking on its button. To see more details about the option select the option name, selecting 'more details' in the pop-up will take you to that options product page. Default selections (if any) are pre- selected for you. Click on the update button below to see the price with your selected options.

These are the standard included items for this robot kit, please leave all of them selected unless you are sure you do not need them

Select the Motors You want to use with the robot.

Select the battery for running the motors.

Select this option if you want a customized battery mount(s) that will fit the battery(ies) you selected above.

No Battery Mount
Customized Battery Bracket(s) (Add $35.00)

Select the option if you want us to include appropriate charging system with your selected robot batteries.

No Battery Charging System
Battery Charging system (Add $49.90)

Select the motor controller you want to use.

Select the type of RC Controller you desire to control the robot. If you are planning on using this robot with a microcontroller or similar, a RC controller is not necessary.

The frame comes unpainted steel and will rust. Select this option if you wish for us to prime and paint it.

Prime and Paint Chassis (Add $159.00) (Add 3 days)

This is an up-fit kit, that does not include the lawnmower itself. Select this option if you want us to include the lawnmower. This will force freight shipment due to weight.

No Lawnmower
Include Yard Machine Lawn mower (Add $179.00)

The robot comes unassembled. If you want us to assemble it, please select this option.

Full Assembly (Add $239.00) (Add 1 week)
An Asterisk '*' indicates that one or more options is Out of Stock!
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This is something every homeowner needs! This is a kit that will convert a 21" Yard Machines Lawnmower into a robot that can be driven with remote control or, for the adventurous, made to cut the lawn autonomously.
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