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Compact MLT Tactical Surveillance Robot (UGV). It weighs less than 9lbs. The MLT can be set up with LED lights, onboard microphone, and a heavy duty foam lined storage case as standard equipment. It comes in two configurations MLT-F and MLT-PT.
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MLT/F "Jack Russell" - STANDARD Package
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MLT/F "Jack Russell" - STANDARD Package
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MLT/F "Jack Russell" - STANDARD Package
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SuperDroid Robots
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Built to Order: 4-8 Weeks
  • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis with rear Flipper/Stabilizer Arm and front fixed IR camera
  • OCU System: Digital Radio
  • OCU Style: Handheld or Compact Enclosed Case
  • Integrated LED lights with remote switch and power
  • Audio from the robot to remote
  • Foam lined Shipping and Transport Case
  • Automatic Smart Charger
  • Fully configurable/customizable
  • MLT-F Standard DataSheet
  • Item Options - Customize
    Select an option by clicking on its button. To see more details about the option select the option name, selecting 'more details' in the pop-up will take you to that options product page. Default selections (if any) are pre- selected for you. Click on the update button below to see the price with your selected options.

    Select a controller option.

    If you desire to extend your range or require a secondary monitoring station, select the appropriate option below. Match the type or radio with the radio selected above.

    The MLT can be equipped with a rear flipper arm with a fixed camera in the nose of the robot or and top mounted 360 degree pan and tilt system.

    Rear Flipper Arm and Fixed IR camera
    360 Pan and Tilt System with no flipper arm

    This option includes LED Lights mounted on the robot with power and controls. The MLT comes with a night vision IR camera by default; these lights add illumination in the dark.

    No LED Lights
    Lights mounted on the robot with controls (Add $245.00)

    Select the type of Audio System you want with the robot. Since this robot only has a analog system, only audio from the robot to the remote is possible.

    No Audio
    1-Way Audio from Robot to Remote (Add $289.00)
    2-Way Audio System (Add $879.00)

    Select other custom options for the robot.

    Other Feature

    Select a battery charging option. The charging station includes the pelican style storage case for the robot.

    No Charging Station
    MLT Battery Charging Station (Add $436.73)
    MLT Charging Station with Maintenance Timer (Add $808.00)
    Item Price
    Adjusted Price

    MLT/F "Jack Russell" - STANDARD Package
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