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These are some of our Pre-Built, Fully Assembled, and Tested Robot kits that have sold. If you see something you like, let us know and we can build it again for you!
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NEW CUSTOM Prebuilt - IG42-SB4-E All-Terrain WiFi Robot
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NEW CUSTOM Prebuilt - IG42-SB4-E All-Terrain WiFi Robot
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NEW CUSTOM Prebuilt - IG42-SB4-E All-Terrain WiFi Robot
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This is a fully assembled prebuilt robot. The robot is being sold in the configuration listed below. For a customized configuration please visit the preceding link and view all available options. If further customization is required, please fill out our custom request form.

Interested in a different configuration? Check out our other platform kits to customize your own robot!


  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
  • Weight: XXXlbs
  • Speed: ~2.3mph (~200 feet per minute)
  • Axle Mount: Direct Mount (DM)
  • Capacity: Approximately XXXlbs

Prebuilt Configuration

  • This robotic platform comes assembled, tested, and ready to run.
  • Includes robot, remote control, and charger.
  • Chassis: IG42-SB4-T Chassis
  • Motors: Four (4) 24V 78 RPM IG42 Gear Motors with Encoders
  • Battery: Two (2) 12V 8Ah SLA Battery
  • Motor Controller: One (1) Sabertooth Dual 25A Motor Driver
  • System: One (1) Arduino Mega 2560 R3
  • Computer One (1) Raspberry Pi 4 4G
  • Wireless Transmitter: ASUS 3-In-1 Wireless Router



  • This robot is already assembled. Allow 1-2 business days to prep the robot for shipment
  • Due to the size and weight of this robot, freight shipping may apply
  • Contact us if you need expedited shipping

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