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These are some of our Pre-Built, Fully Assembled, and Tested Robot kits that have sold. If you see something you like, let us know and we can build it again for you!
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New Prebuilt LT2-F Ready to Run with Dx5 Remote - SOLD
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New Prebuilt LT2-F Ready to Run with Dx5 Remote - SOLD
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New Prebuilt LT2-F Ready to Run with Dx5 Remote - SOLD
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This a pre-built LT2-F equipped with a Dx5 remote and it's ready to run! It is the same chassis that we offer with our tactical LT2-F robot, less the nose camera. This package is the same as the LT2 Treaded Robot, but has the addition of a flipper/stabilizer arm on it allowing it to climb and decend vertually anything. The LT2-F Treaded robot is an affordable treaded robot that can be easily transported (weighing about 48 lbs) and is small and can handle most terrains with its all terrain treads. We have prebuilt this roobt with the most popular configuration.

The robot is a light weight tough robot that can go over and under many obstacles. The treads are driven by powerful IG52 gear motors with #25 chain with a 1:2 reduction to the ~ 7 inch front wheels. The robot axles are solid high strength steel so they will not bend when the robot is dropped. The flipper arms are driven with a powerfull IG52 gear motor. We have designed this robot to be as simple as possible without compromising its strength, durability, or functionality. The LT2-F tactical version of this robot has been NIST tested and qualified. The chassis also uses our LT2 track and wheels, which will not derail under any circumstance NIST testing or ourselves could dish out.

The robot has the ability to climb standard stairs and go over most terrain. We have spent a lot of time developing this robot so you can use it from the beginning with no issues. The All-Terrain rubber pattern treads are ~3" wide and are reinforced with a nylon mesh with a black rubber tread. The chassis is 5 inches high x 9.75 inches wide x ~20 inch wheel center distance length. The total width of the robot is about 16.5 inches wide without the flipper arms. The center cavity is large enough for the motors, batteries, electronics, cameras, etc. The LT2 chassis includes two battery compartments between the wheels and tracks providing even more room for your electronics. The top is flanged with CNC cut holes that are tapped for mounting the aluminum cover.

Pre-Built Configuration:

This is a complete package that includes everything listed below. The package includes everything needed to make it run! This is a prebuilt robot, so its fully assembled and ready to run! Including robot, motors, batteries, chargers, controls, assembly, etc.

Documentation and Support:


  • This robot is pre-built, please allow 1-2 business days to prep the robot for shipment.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.


This is a pre-built LT2-F equipped with a Dx5 and its ready to run! It is the same chassis that we offer with our tactical LT2-F robot, less the nose camera. This pre-built is an customized version of TP-210-102.
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