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NEW Prebuilt PTW-42-L 4WD Inspection and Surveillance Robot with Scissor Lift and PTZ Camera - SOLD
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NEW Prebuilt PTW-42-L 4WD Inspection and Surveillance Robot with Scissor Lift and PTZ Camera - SOLD
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NEW Prebuilt PTW-42-L 4WD Inspection and Surveillance Robot with Scissor Lift and PTZ Camera - SOLD
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The image gallery displays possible configurations of this robot. See description and options below to configure your robot.

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This is SuperDroid Robots enclosed wheeled All Terrain Robot with scissor lift PTZ camera. This robot is a great surveillance/inspection robot that allows you to see over counter tops, on top of beds, through windows, etc. that most low profile robots cannot achieve. The 4WD platform, with 10inch pneumatic tires, allows this robot to easily navigate over most terrains. The PTZ camera has a 30X optical zoom so all details of any situation can be observed. Controlled wireless or tethered with a tablet as video is displayed in brilliant color. The mobile All Terrain Enclosed Robot with scissor lift(TP-630-100), is programmed and fully assembled complete with a tablet or tactical remote.

We offer multiple control methods for this robot: Wi-Fi (wireless), Wi-Fi and/or tethered IP (maximum of 250ft), and tethered RS-485 (up to 500ft). All use a provided tablet as the controller and video display. Wireless is good for inspections that have minimal obstructions between the tablet and the robot. Tethered is a must for navigating long distances into pipes and culverts. A final method we offer is a high powered wireless tactical remote for controlling the robot wirelessly offering up to 10X the range of Wi-Fi. The different control options are further explained below in the control options section.

This robot design was developed for Law Enforcement and Military purposes, but can be purchased and used by anyone. Industries such as network switch rooms, power substations, power generators, factories, home inspections, first responders, etc. have all used this robot for inspection or surveillance from a remote/safe distance. The robot can also be customized with HAZMAT sensors, etc., please contact us if you need the robot customized.


  • Multiple Heights of Surveillance - This robots functionality allows for surveying bed tops, countertops, windows, and other areas where surveillance height is required.
  • Remote Inspection - The 360 Pan and tilt with 27X optical zoom camera with low light vision and high intensity LED lights combined with the scissor lift allow the robot to inspect everything remotely. Using the Wi-Fi package and setting your router up to port forward, the robot can be operated anywhere in the world remotely via the internet!
  • Hostage and hazardous surveillance - Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm's way.
  • Clearing rooms remotely - Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.
  • Remote Surveillance - The 360 Pan and tilt with 27X optical zoom camera with low light vision and high intensity LED lights allow the robot to see everything.
  • Entry into difficult areas: - This 4WD robot is very quick and has the ability to traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots.

Standard Configuration:

This surveillance/inspection robot comes with the recommended and most popular setup. By changing, adding or removing features at the bottom of this page you can configure the robot to suit your needs and budget.

  • Platform: Enclosed, wheeled, All Terrain Robot modified to accept the scissor lift. This includes the chassis, 4 heavy duty gear motors for the drive, the wheels, motor controller, (2)batteries, wiring, assembly, testing, etc.
  • Scissor Lift Assembly: The lift raises the camera to a height over 4ft and collapses to a height of 1.5ft
  • Camera System: Pan and Tilt with a 27X Optical Zoom Camera mounted inside a custom camera housing. (LED Flood lights can be selected below as an option along with audio options)
  • Control Package: WiFi Tactical Robot Controller with Video Server (Other control packages can be selected below.)
  • Battery Charging: The chargers are fully automatic and will charge all the batteries simultaneously.
  • Robot Run Time: Up to 4 hours.
  • Speed: 0 to 5 feet per second, infinitely adjustable/controllable.
  • Weight: The robot weighs about 54 lbs
  • Dimensions: The robot is 21.5" wide, 24" long, 21" tall collapsed, 54.5" tall extended
  • Assembly: The entire robot will be assembled, configured, tested, and supported by our professionally trained staff here in NC.

Control Options:

We offer three control methods for this robot: Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi and Tethered with 250ft Ethernet Cable, Wi-Fi and Tethered with 250ft Ethernet Spool, and tethered only with 500ft Ethernet Spool. All include the tablet, which is used as the controller and video display. Wireless is good for inspections that have minimal obstructions between the tablet and the robot with a range less than 300ft. Tethered IP comes with a 250-foot spool or 250ft Ethernet cable. The tethered RS-485 control package comes with a 500-foot spool. We use high quality outdoor rated Tethers with waterproof connectors.

  • Wi-Fi Control System: For use in open areas and short distances into unobstructed areas. Wi-Fi will not typically work well underground, in pipes, etc. where the wireless signal is degraded or blocked.
  • Wi-Fi and Tethered System with 250ft Ethernet Cable: When the signal is too weak for wireless, plug in the supplied 250ft Ethernet cable to switch to tethered mode. We use high quality outdoor rated cable with waterproof connectors. With this option, the cable is not on a spool. Shorter lengths of the cable can be made. Contact us if you need a custom cable length.
  • Wi-Fi and Tethered System with 250ft Ethernet Spool: This is the same as the previous option except the cable comes on a spool. The spool allows easy deployment and retraction of the Ethernet cable.
  • Tethered System with 500ft Cable Spool: For those that know wireless will not work for your application and need to go up to 500ft, this is the best option. The robot will only operate when the tether is connected between the tablet and the robot. If you need a shorter cable, please contact us.
  • Enclosed Case 2.4Ghz Digital Tactical Robot Controller If you want a wireless system that is far beyond a Wi-Fi system, then this is a good choice. Follow this link for more details

Other Options:

  • Encoder Option: This option allows you to keep track of the distance the robot has traveled and displays the information on the tablet controller. This is great for keeping track of where you are when you see something of note with the inspection camera. The distance is measured by keeping track of the pulses from each motor rotation.
  • Custom Paint Option: The robot comes standard painted SuperDroid Blue. If you would like a different color select the custom color and we will contact you for the paint color code.
  • Lights: This add-on provides the user with an option to add remotely operated high intensity LED lights to illuminate the darkness.
  • PA System (for Audio from Remote to the Robot): This add-on allows the user to use a handheld radio to broadcast to the robot through a loudspeaker PA system. Using this option along with the above microphone allows 2-way communication between the remote users and the robot.
  • Robot Microphone (for Audio from Robot to Remote): This add-on installs a microphone on the robot. The microphone is a high-quality microphone that is meant for listening to large areas. The microphone will be mounted to the robot and the audio will be transmitted back with the video transmitter via the audio channel. The audio will be broadcast real-time on the 7 Color LCD. The volume of the audio can be adjusted on the 7-inch monitor. The gain, etc. of the microphone is set up on the microphone on the robot.

Contact us if you would like a custom configuration of this robot.

Documentation and Support:


  • This robot is built to order based on the options selected below. Please allow 4-8 weeks for shipment.
  • This robot when crated will weigh in close to 100lbs and may have to be shipped freight. Our shopping cart will not calculate the cost for freight, we will contact you after the order is placed for options or contact us for a quote.
  • Note that if Assembly is selected, this order does not qualify for free shipping.
  • Actual delivery may vary based on workload, contact us for a more accurate delivery time or if you need it sooner.


  • SuperDroid Robots will repair any manufacturing defects for 1 Year after shipment. Damage from abuse or neglect will not be covered. Warranty work performed by SuperDroid Robots in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Warranty does not include shipping. Additional warranty options are available upon request.
  • Consumable items will not be covered by the warranty. Consumable items include, but are not limited to treads, chains, bearings, wheels, and batteries.
  • Extended warranties, spare parts, and maintenance training is available, contact us with specific needs. Service agreements are also available.


This is an enclosed wheeled All Terrain Robot with scissor lift and PTZ camera. In surveillance or inspection situations, this robot allows you to see where most low profile robots can't: onto counters, over beds and through windows.  Formally TP-600-130
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