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Pololu Zumo Robot Kit built for an Arduino. The robot consists of a Zumo Shield for Arduino, a Zumo chassis kit, and a Zumo blade.
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Pololu m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi Robot - ON SALE
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Pololu m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi Robot - ON SALE
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Pololu m3pi Expansion Kit for 3pi Robot - ON SALE
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The m3pi expansion kit gives 3pi robot users a convenient way to upgrade the functionality of their robots by adding more features, enabling the use of more capable high-level controllers like an mbed development board, and making it easy to integrate wireless modules like an XBee or Wixel.

Please see the m3pi robot product page for more information. The kit includes an expansion PCB with all of the surface-mount parts populated as shown in the product image gallery above. Assembly of the kit requires the included headers and pushbuttons to be soldered to the PCB. Once assembled and connected to a 3pi robot (not included), you will have your own m3pi robot.

Detailed assembly instructions can be found in the m3pi user's guide.

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The m3pi expansion kit contains everything you need to turn your 3pi robot into an enhanced m3pi robot. The expansion PCB ships with all the surface-mount parts populated, but the included headers, buttons, and connectors must be soldered in.
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