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CUSTOM BAT24 Treaded ATR Tank Robot Platform - SOLD
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CUSTOM BAT24 Treaded ATR Tank Robot Platform - SOLD
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CUSTOM BAT24 Treaded ATR Tank Robot Platform - SOLD
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The BAT24 is a large tracked robotic platform designed and fabricated in North Carolina USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics. It is similar to our HD2 but with a bigger chassis, bigger wheels and tracks, and more powerful motors, which means a higher payload (up to 250 lbs). The large platform allows the robot to easily climb obstacles, ascend stairs, and navigate most terrain.

The wheel shafts are supported with inner and outer race sealed ball bearings (the wheels are NOT cantilevered or direct driven from the gear motor shaft). The wheels are driven with powerful Wheel Chair Motors and heavy-duty #35 chain. The chassis is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The design uses all CNC cut parts with mortise and tenon design for precise alignment and mating of the parts. The frame is ribbed and gusseted making it very rigid. The aluminum is welded together for a solid chassis.

The tracks and wheels are modified versions of our Gen 4 HD2 track and wheel set. The wheels are bigger, about 14" in diameter, the tracks are longer, and the tracking cleats are bigger to ensure that the tracks will stay on. Each wheel is an assembly made from a 1" thick high strength rubber centerpiece with timed teeth that is sandwiched between two black Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) outer pieces. The treads are 4" wide reinforced molded rubber with timed inner teeth that match the timed teeth of the wheels. The outside edges of the tracks have UHMW guide cleats to ensure proper tracking. The idler wheels are an assembly of rubber and UHMW to add further stability and tracking of the treads. We've found this track and wheel system to be much more robust than the tracks we have used in the past and is more tolerant to changes in temperature, speed, debris, etc.

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This is a very large and heavy package and it must ship freight. The price includes building a custom wooden shipping crate. The shipping costs will not be calculated upon checkout. We will contact you to collect shipping payment.

The BAT24 tracked platform is a large heavy duty tracked robot that is a size up from our HD2 platform. It uses more powerful motors,  bigger batteries, and a bigger chassis than the HD2.
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