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Prebuilt Tactical Surveillance Robot with Scissor Lift Pan/Tilt Camera System - SOLD
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Prebuilt Tactical Surveillance Robot with Scissor Lift Pan/Tilt Camera System - SOLD
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Prebuilt Tactical Surveillance Robot with Scissor Lift Pan/Tilt Camera System - SOLD
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The pictures above are of this exact robot. It is built and ready to run.

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While this robot is prebuilt, it has never been used. Fully assembled, tested, and ready to go! Complete with a 38 inch. Scissor lift, (elevating the camera to over 4 feet) 360+ pan/tilt 27X optical Zoom camera, LED lights, 4WD, Handheld remote, our new Scissor Lift Surveillance Robot is perfect for conducting thorough surveillance. The foundation of this robot consists of our IG42 robot chassis and four 10 inch pneumatic tires, providing trusted stability and structural integrity to keep the robot from tipping, even when the lift is fully elevated.

Features and Specifications

  • The scissor lift allows you to see over countertops, onto beds, over obstacles, etc.
  • The 27X Optical zoom camera with 360 pans and tilt allows you to see and monitor every detail.
  • Wireless control and video monitoring keeps you out of harm’s way while being able to observe the hostile/hazardous situation.
  • Handheld remote allows you easily carry the remote into a situation and clear rooms and buildings
  • 4WD with aggressive 10" tires lets you traverse most terrains remotely
  • The batteries powering the controls and video system hold a charge for over 8 hours, making this an ideal robot for stakeouts and other hostile situations that require patience and long battery life.
  • Designed, built, assembled, and supported by SuperDroid Robots located in NC, USA.
  • The robot is configured as listed below. If you desire a custom configuration please follow this link and we'll provide with a quote specific to your needs.

Pre-Built Configuration

  • Chassis, hardware, electronics, etc.
  • 10-inch pneumatic wheels with solid steel axles and ball bearing supports.
  • 38 inch Electric Scissor Lift (elevates camera to over 4 feet).
  • Customized 360+ pan/tilt camera system with encased 27x optical zoom camera.
  • LED lights for optimal night surveillance.
  • Variable speed and directional differential drive/steering.
  • Four heavy-duty planetary motors (these motors can drive this robot up to 400 feet per minute).
  • Compact Enclosed 8 channel handheld tactical controller.:
    • Spektrum DSM2 AirMod Remote control module.
    • Spektrum Failsafe receiver
    • 7 inch color panel mount LCD
    • 900 MHz transmitter and receiver
    • Custom Enclosure with joysticks
    • Battery and regulator for Monitor, radio, and receiver
  • Camera Elevation (center of camera lens)
    • Collapsed height: 17 inches
    • Extended height: 49.5 inches
  • 24.5 inches long (edge/extent of tire to edge of tire) x 21.5 inches wide (edge of tire to edge of tire) x 19 inches tall (top of camera height collapsed scissor lift).
  • Total weight: 48.5lbs

Documentation and Support


  • This robot is pre-built, please allow 1-2 business days to prep the robot for shipment.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.


This tactical pre-built robot package features a scissor lift that elevates the 27x optical zoom camera with 360 pan and tilt to over 4 feet. This pre-built is an customized version of TP-600-130.
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