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Expand the functionality of your programable controller with these shields.
These are our current on sale boards and modules.
Items that can be used with your Arduino, mBed, Basic Micro, or any other microcontroller platform.
Switches and relays for the power distribution of your robot.
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Relay Board - ON SALE
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Relay Board - ON SALE
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Relay Board - ON SALE
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The RelayBoard is an expandable board with just 3 pins to control It allows you to trigger up to 8 relays per board. With more than one board connected, it makes it possible to control 8, 16, 24, up to 80 relays using just one microcontroller. It was developed library for Arduino to facilitate the control of all relays, that way it could determine which board will be triggered.

It's a easy-to-use board and extremely practical, is a great solution to applications where it will be need to do several triggers, generally found in automations projects.

Features and Specifications

  • Power: 12VDC
  • Just 3 pins to control (Data, Strobe, Enable)
  • Easy-to-use library with just 4 functions
  • Rated current (Relay contact): 125VAC/10A

Documentation and Support


The RelayBoard is an expandable board that with just 3 control pins, allows you to trigger until 8 relays per board.
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