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Equipped with cameras, these robots are made to inspect tight spaces. They go everywhere you can't (or won't) go: under houses, inside ducts, down sewers and through culverts and pipes.
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SGT-32P Wireless Tracked Inspection Robot with GoPro
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SGT-32P Wireless Tracked Inspection Robot with GoPro
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SGT-32P Wireless Tracked Inspection Robot with GoPro
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SuperDroid Robots
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$1,744.20/ea. - Qty: 3 - 9
$1,698.30/ea. - Qty: 10 and above
Built to Order: 1-3 Weeks

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This is a complete inspection robot package, designed for the home inspector. The robot uses a GoPro Camera mounted with a custom actuated tilt bracket. High power LED lights are fixed to the tilt bracket allowing for good visibility in dark places. With these features the low profile mobile robot allows the inspector great coverage and the ability to see in detail in difficult to reach areas. All you need for this is your smart phone, everything else is included.

Video can be recorded directly onto an SD card in the camera for full HD viewing. The robot is controlled using a Spektrum remote and the video is sent back over Wifi to your phone or tablet. Please review the section below on Wireless Operation before purchasing.

The robot is designed and fabricated in North Carolina USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics. This is not a plastic imported robot that will disappoint you. It performs exceptionally well for its size and is intended as a small maneuverable customizable tracked robot platform.

The tracked robot is built on an aluminum chassis and uses durable components (UHMW wheels, bronze bearings, etc.). Each track is driven by a planetary gear motor delivering smooth reliable power. The wheels are mounted directly to the motor output shaft and an idler wheel is bolted to the chassis. The tracks are molded 4 ply seamless tracks offering exceptional strength and quality. The motor and track combination allow this robot to go over most terrain, yet its size makes it very maneuverable indoors. The robot uses differential steering (movement is based on two separately driven wheels placed on either side of the robot body. It can thus change its direction by varying the relative rate of rotation of its tracks).

The robot is configured as listed below. If you require customization, please fill out our custom robot request form.


  • Remote Inspection - Remotely inspect areas that are not easily accessible to people. Record the video in Full HD on the provided GoPro Hero5 and SD Card using your smartphone to view and control the video.
  • Entry into difficult areas - This tracked robot is very quick and has the ability to traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots.
  • Crawl Space and Attic Inspection - Compact and lightweight to easily fit into crawl spaces or attics. Video is viewed using WiFi between your smart phone and the GoPro Hero5 or Hero6. Wireless signal must be maintained. Not recommended for pipes, culverts, long distances, etc. where Wi-Fi will not work.


  • Dimensions: 12.5"Long X 9.5"Wide X 6.5" High
  • Capacity: Handles 5lbs. of additional payload in most terrains
  • Speed: Up to 85 fpm
  • Weight: The total weight of this robot configuration is ~ 6lbs
  • Assembly: Fully assembled, tested, and ready to go!
  • RunTime: 2 hours of operation depending on use

Wireless Operation:

The video transmission is from the GoPro to your smart phone device via WiFi. The range and performance can be significantly impacted by the environment, obstructions, shielding, and the performance of your smart phone. We have tested the video and were able to get up to 100 feet in open space with minimal latency. However, this can be significantly less with obstructions, bad/noisy environment, or the performance of your smart phone. The best way to operate the robot is to keep line of sight between the robot and the remote. If that isn't possible then it is recommended that the transmission distance (distance between the robot and the remote) is kept to a minimum. This may mean walking through the house above the robot or walking alongside the robot on the other side of a wall. There is NOTHING we can do to increase the range of the GoPro (the WiFi is built in and an FCC compliant device, we CAN NOT change this).

This robot not recommended for underground or long distance pipe inspection. This is a simple and robust system for inspecting areas you that are difficult to access and/or you don't want to be. We have tested many different systems for crawl space and attic inspection, and this robot is the best solution for clear video and simplicity. If you need longer range or underground inspection you will need to use one of our tethered inspection robots.


  • Tracked Robot, assembled and tested
  • Battery charger
  • Remote with smart phone holder (smart phone NOT provided)
  • Camera Tilt System for GoPro (-10 degrees to +70 degrees)
  • LED Lights mounted on Tilt Bracket
  • GoPro Hero5
  • 16GB micro SD Card

Available Options:

  • Storage/Transport Case: Select if you want the optional pelican case to keep the robot in. The case is foam lined and we cut it out so your robot and remote are securely stored. If this option is not selected, it will be shipped in a cardboard box that is not reusable. We strongly recommend the pelican case, it is a great value and protects the robot during shipping and transport to the job sites, etc.
  • Documentation and Support:


    • This item is Built to Order and usually ships in 1-3 Weeks.
    • Need it faster? Contact us


    Item Options - Customize
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    Optional Storage and Transport Case - This is a Pelican case that protects the Robot, Controller and Accessories when not in use.

    Add Pelican Case (Add $160.00)
    No Pelican Case
    Item Price
    Adjusted Price

    This complete inspection robot package includes a GoPro camera and high power LED lights. Just add your phone or tablet to view the video stream. This is a rugged treaded robot platform for inspecting hard to reach areas such as crawlspaces and attics.
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