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SST LED Lights
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SST LED Lights
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SST LED Lights
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This item is used on our robot kits and is not for sale.

LEDs, LED, Light we use for the SST inspection robot.  Item is not for sale.
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ATC Blade Fuse Block - 8 Circuit

An automotive blade fuse block to easily and safely distribute power in your next project. The fuse block features four circuits (including power and ground) and convenient mounting holes to attach to your robot.

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Programmable GPS Mobile 4WD Robot Development Platform - IG42 SB

This is a 4WD IG42 single bearing platform that is setup for outdoor navigation/positioning. A full array of sensor options including an IMU, motor encoders, and a Garmin 18x GPS that can provide position feedback with up to 3 meter accuracy.

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