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Superdroid Robots T-shirt
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Superdroid Robots T-shirt
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Superdroid Robots T-shirt
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SuperDroid Robots
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A new Design! Get your very own SuperDroid Robots T-Shirt.  These are high grade cotton shirts printed on the front and back. Color may vary.

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A new design! Get your very own SuperDroid Robots T-Shirt.  These are high grade cotton shirts printed on the front and back.
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NEW Prebuilt - 4WD IG52-DB-E Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Enclosed Platform

Ready to ship prebuilt all-terrain enclosed platform! This is a heavy-duty robotic platform with IG52 136 RPM motors, an enclosed chassis, 80/20 1" extruded aluminum rails, and RC control system.

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CUSTOM Prebuilt - IG42-SB4 4WD ATR Platform with Rollcage

Ready to ship All-Terrain 4WD Robot Platform. This robot has 122RPM motors, and can handle most terrain with ease! A rollcage offers additional protection!

1 Ready to Ship!
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