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Optical IR Sensors & Laser Range Finders. IR distance sensors make it easy to detect and range objects. The laser range-finder is inexpensive, accurate and easy to use with a 240 degrees scan area.
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TFMINI Micro LiDAR Module
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TFMINI Micro LiDAR Module
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TFMINI Micro LiDAR Module
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TFmini is a milestone for Benewake to promote the process of low cost LiDAR. With its unique optical, structural, and electronic designs, the product possesses 3 major advantages: low cost, tiny volume and low power consumption. The built-in algorithm adapted to indoor and outdoor environments can guarantee an excellent ranging performance at a low cost and in a tiny volume, which highly expands the application fields andscenarios of LiDAR and lays a solid foundation for future “eyes” in the smart era.

Minimalist design and low cost lay a solid foundation for more wide spread smart applications.

One step closer to “eyes”. Within 12 meters, the product can measure 100 timeswithin one second and produce centimeter-level reliable data.

The core module covered under the shell can be applied to more fields. The appearance is customizable and can meet your requirements more effectively.


  • Operating Distance:0.3m-12m@indoor / 0.3m-7m@outdoor
  • Measuring Speed:100Hz
  • Accuracy:Centimeter Level
  • Input Voltage: 5v
  • Peak Current: 800mA
  • Power: ≤1W
  • Communication Protocol: UART
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃~60℃

TFMINI Micro LiDAR Module indoor/outdoor measures 100 times per second within 12 meters.
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