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Optical IR Sensors. IR distance sensors make it easy to detect and range objects.
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Trekker Wheel Encoder Package (4 Sensors)
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Trekker Wheel Encoder Package (4 Sensors)
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Trekker Wheel Encoder Package (4 Sensors)
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This package includes 4 - QRB1134 IR sensors(Data Sheet) to detect changes in the included encoder wheels. It also includes a bracket with all the necessary hardware to attach the sensors to the Trekker. Two sensors are used for the encoder wheels, the other 2 can be used to look at the floor and determine if there are holes/edges on the floor or white/black contrasts. You can also use these four sensors for Line Following with a Trekker Line Following Bracket.

The stickers attach to the 3.5" wheels or the 4.5" wheels sold with the Trekker Chassis. When the sensors are mounted about 0.2" away from the encoder wheels it will detect the changes between the black and white lines. The OOPic or other microcontroller can be programmed to respond to the sensor readings to keep the Trekker on track and tell it how far its traveled.


  • (1) Encoder Disk Sheet
  • (6) Crimp Terminals
  • (1) Heat Shrink, 1/4" X 1"
  • (1) Heat Shrink, 1/8" X 3/4"
  • (4) QRB1134 Phototransistor With 24" Leads
  • (1) Receptacle, 6 CIR
  • (1) Hardware Package
  • (2) Aluminum, Bracket - Encoder

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Assembly of Trekker Wheel encoder package includes soldering, crimping, and testing. It does not include mounting the encoder brackets.

Assemble Trekker Wheel Encoder Package (Add $11.00)
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This is the same as TS-036-002 with two extra sensors that can be used to look at the floor for white/black contrast of holes. This kit will only plug into V2.x OOPic II Expansion Boards.
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