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Used Refurbished HD2-S Robot with 5 Axis Arm - SOLD
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Used Refurbished HD2-S Robot with 5 Axis Arm - SOLD
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Used Refurbished HD2-S Robot with 5 Axis Arm - SOLD
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This listing is for a refurbished HD2 Mastiff tactical robot. It was used previously by a police department. The controls have all been upgraded to our latest version and all of the electronics have been replaced including the batteries and the radios. A full mechanical maintenance has been performed (chain and track tensioning, re-greasing gearboxes, etc.). All functions of this robot have been tested and it is ready to be back in service. It also includes a brand new OCU.

If you require this robot to be customized please fill out our custom robot request form.

Pre-Built Configuration

  • 5-axis arm.
  • Enclosed Case 2.4Ghz Digital Tactical Robot Controller
  • Additional Forearm, Front and Rear IR Cameras
  • Mounted LED Lights with battery and controls
  • Top Removable Batteries
  • Upgraded batteries to include K2 25.6V LiFePO4 Battery Packs 9.6Ahr
  • This robot is completely assembled, tested, and ready to go. It also includes a 1 year warranty.
  • This will be shipped in a standard shipping crate/pallet via freight carrier.
  • Specifications of this pre-built configuration:
    • Robot Run Time: Up to 8 hours.
    • Speed: 0 to 4.1 ft per second, infinitely adjustable/controllable. (These are faster motors than our default configuration)
    • Weight: 147 lbs.
    • Dimensions: Total Width: ~22", Total Length: ~45" Height (Parked): ~26".
    • Special Feature: Direct Drive 5-Axis Arm.
      • Base: 360 degree rotating base.
      • Shoulder rotation: 180 degrees.
      • Elbow rotation: 140 degrees.
      • Wrist rotation: Continuous
      • Gripper Width: 4.5 inches
      • Arm payload: 20+ pounds fully extended.

Available Options

  • The robot still has the original tracks, which is an older style. Upgrade the tracks to our HD2 Gen 4 Tracks. This is our newest track system and does better climbing stairs and in rough terrain and are more durable as they do not have a splice.
  • Documentation and Support


    • This item requires freight shipping.
    • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.


    • This is a refurbished robot. SuperDroid Robots standard warranty applied to this robot.


    Item Options - Customize
    Select an option by clicking on its button. To see more details about the option select the option name, selecting 'more details' in the pop-up will take you to that options product page. Default selections (if any) are pre- selected for you. Click on the update button below to see the price with your selected options.

    Select this option to upgrade the current track configuration to the HD2 Gen4 Track System.

    Keep Original Tracks
    HD2 Gen4 Track System Upgrade (Add $1,800.00) (Add 2 weeks)

    This is our prebuilt HD2-S robot modified with a 5 axis robotic manipulator arm. This robot has be loaded with all the options and is ready to ship.
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