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All Terrain Robot Wheels and Shafts
These are the wheels and shafts we use with our wheeled all terrain robot kits.
Mecanum and Omni Wheeled Robots
Mecanum and Omni Wheel Robot Kits. By changing the directions and speeds of the motors the omni-wheels will cause the robot to vector. Mecanum Wheeled Robots too.
Wheel and Shaft Sets
These are wheel and shaft sets we use with our all terrain robot kits as well as our omni and mecanum wheel robot kits.
Wheels for Servos and Miniature Wheels
These are small wheels for small indoor robots. The servo wheels have a spline pressed into them so they mount to a HiTec servo spline.
Support Results
Our line of wheeled robots include 4WD, 6WD, and vectoring robots. Ranging in size, we offer compact robots as well as heavy duty configurations. Perfect for surveillance, education, and most practical robotic applications.
The page describes the method and gives examples of how we programmed the Free Autonomous WiFi Robot Arduino Robot in our give away.
Here you are going to find electrical schematics for SuperDroid Robots like the MLT, LT, HD2, vectoring robots, Wifi Robot, RoboteQ.
See our line of 4WD and 3WD vectoring robots with omnidirectional wheels. Our omni wheeled robot platforms are perfect for both academic and professional applications. We also have a line of robots with mecanum wheels.
SuperDroid Robots supplies Autonomous programmable robots, robot kits, Tactical Robots, Inspection Robots, Custom Robots, Arduino, sensors, tracks, wheels, gear motors and much more with superior quality.
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CUSTOM 4WD IG52 - SB Custom Length Assembled Robot with 13 inch Tires

This robot uses custom length sides and 13 inch tires with IG52 136 RPM motors. We have included everything to make it ready to run including batteries, chargers, and a controller.

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NEW Prebuilt ROS Programmable Autonomous IPS Tracked Robot

This is a programmable autonomous robot prebuilt kit that can be controlled via USB gamepad. The MarvelMind IPS (Indoor Positioning System) provides indoor navigation. ODROID-XU4 single-board PC provides the most flexible platform possible.

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