Triangular Base - Large IG32 - DISCONTINUED

  • Triangular Base - Large IG32 - DISCONTINUED

This item has been Discontinued.

Features and Specifications

The aluminum base has predrilled holes for mounting the following:


  • This item is Discontinued.
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The bases are laser cut to ensure exact match up of hole sizes etc for mounting parts on your Vectoring Robot. The bases are made of 0.125" thick Aluminum for high strength, light weight, and it won't rust. The bases can be stacked giving you lots of room for additional components.

An uppper polycarbonate deck can also be purchased. (The Polycarbonate is clear)

The triangle sides would project out to be 17.3", but are chamferred to be parallel with the outside edges of the motor housings. All sides are equal. This is our standard base. All IG32 planetary gear motors can be used with this base.

Triangular Base - Large IG32 - DISCONTINUED

This product is unavailable.

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