USED - Robot Platform - DISCONTINUED

  • USED - Robot Platform - DISCONTINUED
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This is a platform we built for a customer for testing purposes. We ended up not using it but it has too many good parts to not let someone else use. We are practically giving it away if you look at what is involved in building this chassis.

What you see on the platform is what you get.

It includes 2 IG42 78 RPM right angle gear motors (TD-044-078) inside housings with suspension and two casters that allow the chassis to pivot. Each motor drives a 6 inch wheel mounted on a 1/2 ball bearing. It has bumpers on the front and back that pivot to hit limit switches.

It also has a location for for two lidars, an Xbox Kinect and two of our K2 24 volt batteries. (none of these parts are included)

The chassis is 24 inches long, 19 inches wide and stands 12 inches high from the floor to the top section. Free shipping is not available on this item because of its size and the price is already scary low.

USED - Robot Platform - DISCONTINUED

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  • Availability: Discontinued
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