OOPic-R Expansion Card

Features and Specifications

  • (4-8) Connections for servos via the OOPic-R board.
  • (3) Connections for the Sharp GP2D12 IR detector.
  • (3) Connections for the SRF04 Ultrasonic ranger Ultrasonic Rangers.
  • (1) Potentiometers read by the OOPic A/D which can be used for tuning.
  • (1) Connection for an LCD module via the OOPic-R board.
  • (2) LEDs controlled by the OOPic-R.
  • (3) LEDs/Switches via the OOPic-R board.
  • (1) Powerful 1.5A 6VDC regulator for the servos with a heat sink mounted to the OOPic-R, and its filtered.
  • (1) Piezo beeper for audible indications via the OOPic-R board.
  • (1) 5 volt power regulator via the OOPic-R board.
  • Fused battery connection.
  • AC power jack.
  • Voltage divider for reading input voltage with the OOPic A/D supplied to the board (battery voltage) prior to step down.

Please note this is set up different than the OOPic II Expansion Card.

No other Robot kit offers this - an interface card to allow plug and play with your Robot! This package includes a custom circuit board with all the component and the hardware to interface with an OOPic-R MCU. Some basic soldering skills and a soldering iron will be necessary. (The board is spaced out to a minimum of standard 0.1" and it contains no surface mounts.) The assembled circuit board can also be purchased with all the items listed below soldered to it. The circuit board is a double-sided circuit board with all the necessary predrilled holes and circuitry for the items listed in the ‘includes’ section below. The 6V regulator and heat sink must be soldered to the optional power supply position on the OOPic-R. The hardware to mount this board on the OOPic-R and Trekker Chassis is sold with the Trekker Chassis.

No corners were cut with this package. It contains the best components to give you reliable long lasting operation.

OOPic-R Expansion Card

  • $57.60
  • $24.00