Electrical Hook Up Kits

Most projects start out as a collection of switches, microcontrollers, and breakout boards. Often it's difficult to connect your system using just jumpers and breadboards. We've compiled a collection of connectors and hook-up kits to make it easier to connect your system.

Sabertooth Triple Encoder Hookup Kit

Sabertooth Triple Encoder Hookup Kit

The Sabertooth Encoder Kit contains the components required to track pulses from 3 encoders. Saberto..

Product Code: TE-394-004

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WC Electric Power Hookup Kit

WC Electric Power Hookup Kit

This kit includes hookup wire for your Heavy Duty Robot Kit. It includes wire, switch, fuse holders,..

Product Code: TE-373-000

Built to Order 1-3 Days


Wireless Serial Hookup Kit

Wireless Serial Hookup Kit

This is a wireless serial hookup kit. It contains wire, crimps, and connectors to connect your elect..

Product Code: TE-070-200

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