WC1000-DM4-E All Terrain Enclosed Robot Platform - SOLD

The image gallery displays possible configurations of this robot.


  • Robot comes preassembled, tested, and ready to run.
  • Includes chassis, hardware, wiring, and electronics.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 37" x 25" x 16.25" (inches)
  • Weight: 166 lbs.
  • Speed: 4.5mph (396 feet per minute)
  • Payload Capacity: Approximately 250lbs.
  • Axle Mount: Direct Mount (DM) - Axles are mounted directly onto the motor shaft.
  • Drive Method: Direct Drive



  • This robot is pre-built, please allow 1-2 business days to prep the robot for shipment.
  • Due to the size and weight of this robot, freight shipping may apply.
  • Contact us if you need expedited shipping.

This is a fully assembled prebuilt 4WD robotic platform based on our WC-1000 DM4-E All-Terrain Robot. The robot is being sold in the configuration listed below. For a customized configuration please visit the main WC-1000 DM4-E page and view all available options. If further customization is required, please fill out our custom request form.

This robot comes equipped with powerful motors, heavy-duty tires, and a durable chassis, which makes it ideal for rough terrain, heavy payloads, and long term performance. The chassis is fabricated out of heavy-duty aluminum that has been CNC plasma cut and welded together. The robot has been programmed, assembled, tested, and is ready to run! All our robots are designed and fabricated in North Carolina, USA and fully supported by SuperDroid Robots, an industry leader in robotics.

This robot utilizes the latest model of wheelchair motors, allowing for a slimmer design while maintaining the strength and versatility of the standard HK-1000 model. This, combined with its payload capacity and durable 13" tiller tires make this prebuilt a great choice for any project.

WC1000-DM4-E All Terrain Enclosed Robot Platform - SOLD

  • Product Code: TP-500-312
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • $5,165.00

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