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Trekker OOPic-R Electronics Kit
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Trekker OOPic-R Electronics Kit
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Trekker OOPic-R Electronics Kit
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SuperDroid Robots
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This package is the bare minimum to get the OOPic-R to work to drive servos on the Trekker. The Trekker manual gives instructions for setting up separate power supply on the OOPic-R for the servos and hooking up the power to the board. This set up will not support many of the Trekker accessories and does not provide a fused connection to the OOPic-R.

Please note this is set up different than the OOPic II Electronics Kit.


This package is a breadboard that mounts directly to the SuperDroid Trekker Chassis or prototyping along with the basic electronic components to interface the Trekker to the OOPic-R.  Includes CD
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