These are the parts that we use to build robots that aren’t quite electrical and aren’t really mechanical, but they’re much more valuable than that box of random wires in your workshop. (Some of us have more than just one miscellaneous parts box – we’re looking at you, Charlie!)

If you’re not looking for miscellaneous robot parts, try our electrical robot parts, mechanical robot parts, robot kits, or a pre-built robot (we won’t tell anyone).

If you’re looking for expert advice that is more than miscellaneous, hop over to our Knowledge Base, where you’ll file tutorials like How to Build a Robot, our Robotics Forum, support articles, FAQs, and more.

32GB Sandisk Micro SDHC Memory Card
32GB Sandisk Micro SDHC Memory Card

32GB Sandisk Micro SDHC Memory Card..

Product Code: MCU-096-032

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Adhesive Velcro 3/4
Adhesive Velcro 3/4" Squares - 8 Pack

This is an 8-pack of 3/4" (~2mm) adhesive velcro squares. (8 pieces of hook and 8 pieces of loop.)..

Product Code: TM-009-008

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Superdroid Robots T-shirt
Superdroid Robots T-shirt

A new Design! Get your very own SuperDroid Robots T-Shirt.  These are high grade cotton shirts print..

Product Code: TM-007-000

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