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Innovating Robotics - SuperDroid Robots, Inc.

We do it all, which keeps our lead times, quality, and costs unbeatable. At SuperDroid Robots, we design, build, assemble, program and test all custom robots under one roof, at our 10,000-square-foot facility in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

Our on-site digital machine shop is the cornerstone of our in-house turn-key production model. Our CNC machines – one of which we designed and built from scratch – enable us to build most products from beginning to end. Our equipment includes: CNC Mills, CNC Lathe, Mill with DRO, Lathe with DRO, CNC break press, CNC high definition plasma cutting table, CNC Routers, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Pick and Place Machines, PCB programmable oven, paint booth, and a huge selection of handheld and bench top tools. Our TIG and MIG welding capabilities are essential resources. Using all these tools allow us to build virtually anything in-house. SuperDroid Robots, Inc. has an extensive library of standard parts that can be plasma, laser, or water-jet cut. With any of our many CNC machines we can shape virtually any part that can then welded and assembled into state of the art robots.

Our biggest resource is, of course, our employees. In order to build quality robots, we need quality employees. Below is a list of our team. If you would like to be part of our ever-growing team, please see our career page.

Ours is the ultimate team sport. Meticulous communication and organizational skills - and a genuine commitment to innovation - are innate to our players. Years of successful custom development have shaped SuperDroid Robots into a company that consistently delivers high-quality, affordable custom robots.

It All Began with Battlebots

In 2000, a group of engineers, mechanics, and machinists formed Team Half-Life Inc. in order to build a robot for the show Battlebots. The result was Atomic Wedgie, the Season 2 Super Heavyweight finalist and runner-up. Using the experience of building Battlebots, Charlie & Susan Payne established SuperDroid Robots Inc. and began building their own custom robots. The sturdy and durable construction to survive the BattleBox was used to create heavy-duty all-terrain robots and tactical support robots. Two decades later, SuperDroid Robots still pushes and innovates our robotic designs and fabrication methods.

SuperDroid Robots Team

Our team of motivated engineers, machinists, fabricators, developers and marketers work hard every day to produce the most highly advanced tactical and inspection robots available.


Each robot we make reflects the insight and investment of our leadership. Twenty-eight years of management, design, operation, maintenance and fabrication experience in industrial facilities, machine shops, and production facilities are central to the SuperDroid Robots brand. Charles is owner, President, and CEO of SuperDroid Robots, and has degrees in mechanical engineering and physics.


We know that logistical precision makes or breaks the long-term success of vendor and customer relationships. SuperDroid Robots, Inc. provides an accessible, single-point-of-contact for our clients. As projects move through design, fabrication and build processes, Susan is available.

She manages the operational, legal and interpersonal details for projects and for the company as a whole. Susan is owner, Vice President and CFO of SuperDroid Robots, and has more than 25 years' experience. Her background is in political science.


At SuperDroid Robots, we make every robot on-site, each moving through stages of conceptual design, 3-D solid modeling, strength and thermal analysis, welding, machining, and fabrication. The same professionals that design our robots actually do make them.

He is an engineer with more than ten years' design, fabrication, welding, and machining experience. His background is in robotics, farm equipment and industrial equipment.


3-D CAD is the cornerstone for most of our design work, which includes chassis, arm, pan-and-tilt and custom robot part design.

Here, David uses our 3-D modeling software, SOLIDWORKS, to render a mechanical design. David has a degree in mechanical engineering and physics, and design and fabrication experience.


Matt is our senior database developer! With over a decade of experience in software development, Matt makes sure our systems run smoothly. He enjoys spicy food and cat memes.


Our range of CNC services includes plasma cutting, routing and bending. Griffin has grown up with mentors in robotics, and brings innovative application and design ideas to life using SOLIDWORKS. Griffin has more than 5 years' experience testing robots.


We have a fully-equipped weld shop boasting high-frequency pulse welders, spool guns and liquid cooling torches for TIG and MIG welds on carbon, steel or aluminum.

Here, Rusty welds a tactical robot prototype. Rusty has more than thirty years’ experience as a mechanical fabricator, mechanic, machinist and welder.


The word "custom," to us, simply means that we will provide you with a solution that perfectly suits your needs and budget. Design details are important – based on our clients' requirements, we might produce a surveillance robot in camo or black or a tactical robot in red. Derek is a Certified Master Mechanic and mechanical fabricator with more than twenty years’ experience.


Dustin is a Robot Technician with experience in wiring, assembly, and fabrication.


Brent is a mechanical and electrical engineer with expertise in autonomous algorithms, .NET and embedded C programming.


Our employees are personally invested in each project as it develops. Here, Ben is initializing serial communication for a robot control system.

Ben is an electrical engineering graduate through NC State. He has experience in self-navigating robotics and electrical prototyping.


With over 6 years of experience with UGV & UAV systems, Kevin brings a lot to our team! He's a Ph.D. student and in his free time plays tennis and goes rock climbing.


Our robotics technicians follow detailed plans and designs to produce our robots with built-in quality.

Miles is a robot technician with years of mechanical and electrical experience.


Shawn is a Robot Technician with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Lasers and Photonics Technology. He has experience in manufacturing, assembly, and hardware installation. Shawn has previously worked in the production of narcotics identification equipment, LED systems, and GPS tracking. When Shawn isn't working, he builds and flies FPV drones, goes fishing, or plays Rocket League!


Precision machined parts are a major factor in our custom robot design process.

Kendall is a Robot Technician with over ten years of fabrication experience including, 3D modeling and drafting.


SuperDroid Robots works hard to maintain an active presence in the digital world and ensure that we stay connected with our clients.

Benjamin has previously worked in Sales, Marketing, and Tech Support. When not hard at work, he can usually be found either drinking coffee, making coffee, or talking about coffee with his coworkers.


Making sure your shipment is complete and on time is important to us here at SuperDroid Robots. Aaron is our inventory and logistics specialist and it's his job to make sure every order is filled correctly and in a timely manner.

Aaron has an extensive background in inventory management, and is dedicated to quality service every day.


Dylan handles testing, operation, and development of our tactical and UGV robots. He's a U.S. Army Veteran with years of experience in aviation maintenance, welding, and CAD design. His passion for technology, engineering, and innovation makes Dylan an invaluable technician on our team!


Marlo is an experienced Mechanical Fabricator with over 8 years of experience in welding, CNC operation, assembly, and part fabrication. When Marlo isn't working he enjoys walking his dogs and relaxing at home with his wife!

Could be You!

You could be the next member of the SuperDroid Robots team! Check out our Careers page for openings!