Custom Robot Solutions

Get a custom robot specialized to your requirements:

Don't let the word "custom" scare you. To us, "custom" means we will provide you with a solution. That solution will suit your needs and fit your budget. Our engineers handle the entire project at our facility near Raleigh, NC. We design, prototype, program develop, fabricate, assemble, and test onsite.

What does that mean for you? It means affordable projects with unbeatable lead times and a team of experts!

Why trust SuperDroid Robots?

For over 20 years we've built thousands of custom and configurable robots. Our team of experts has years of experience in engineering, programming and design. Whatever your robotic need, we have the skills and experience to exceed expectations!

Our company has a proven track record among commercial, industrial, and government organizations. We're known as a trusted and professional provider of custom robotic solutions.

Our facility possesses all the equipment needed for fabrication and rapid prototyping. From machining to welding, programming to wiring, we handle it on site.

How do I get my own custom robot?

We've made the process simple! Go to our custom robot request form and provide the details of what you need! Our team of engineers will review your request and work with you to determine a quote. Be thorough, every detail helps!

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What kind of custom robots do you make?

Below are some of the different robots we've built in the past. Our team has worked on everything from entertainment platforms to military inspection systems. Our robots are in operation across the globe, serving almost any purpose you can imagine!

Specialized Robots

Who says that robots have to be all work and no play? We specialize in robotic solutions for the home with our snow removal robots, remote controlled lawnmowers and even a robotic cooler to provide you with refreshment and entertainment. Our facility can build a robot to meet your specifications, regardless of the robot's size.

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Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots are a unique challenge, as they require a precise blend of mechanical, electrical and software engineering. We have developed robots that can autonomously scan areas, calculate data, perform tasks and, once learned, repeat them. Other robots we've made conduct surveillance and can perform image recognition.We can design and develop robots with a wide variety of autonomous features.

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Custom Built Exploration Robots

Using a robot designed and built by SuperDroid Robots of Fuquay-Varina, NC, National Geographic could get inside a pride of lions in the Serengeti to research and explore them for over a year. The robot, with its camouflage paint job, within a few days of being introduced to the pride could get footage for the National Geographic team not normally accessible to photographers before.

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Radiological, Survey, and Inspection Robots

Robots are most valuable when they can effectively replace human involvement. We have developed robots and robotic solutions to detect radiation, provide surveillance and security, and inspect rocket engines. Outside of safety concerns, robots are able to survey terrain and objects more quickly and more accurately than people. Our team of engineers are well educated and experienced with designing and developing robots with GPS, compasses, and various sensors; we can create the survey or inspection robot you need in a timely, cost effective manner.

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Public Safety and Homeland Security

SuperDroid Robots has many standard tactical surveillance robots that are routinely used by Police, Fire, Security, SWAT, HAZMAT, etc. We can customize these robots to suit your specific needs. If you require a special manipulator, HAZMAT sensor, size, weight, or any other feature, we specialize in customization. The word customization does not mean expensive, either. We do everything in house in NC, USA. From the design, machining, metal fabrication and welding, CNC, assembly, testing, etc. For example, we completed a robot for the New York City Fire Department. The FDNY approached SuperDroid Robots back in September 2011 and asked us if we wanted to come to NYC to show our robots. We accepted the invite and went to NY and took part in many tests and trials. Several other robot manufactures were present at the same time. In the end, FDNY awarded SuperDroid Robots the contract to build a customized LT2-F. After completion of the robot, it went to the Maryland NIST facility for acceptance testing before delivered to FDNY along with a day of training. SuperDroid Robots also offers many robots for Law Enforcement and security, which you can view here.

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Modified Standard Robot Platforms

See one of our standard robot platforms you like but that doesn't quite fit your specifications? No problem! Just let us know how you'd like us to build it. Because we make everything in-house, we can easily modify a standard platform. You get the custom robot for an affordable price.

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Robotics Security Platforms

Security patrol robots offer an alternative to improve not only the quality of security but also reduce long-term costs. Making these robots autonomous increases their capabilities and applications. These robots are capable of detecting objects/people that are out of place, reading vehicle license plates, integrating with currently installed security systems, and more!

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Educational Robot Platforms

For educators and graduate level students, we are happy to help you develop a customized robot curriculum as well as design and build custom robots for you.

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