PowerBotix Motor Power Module - ON SALE

  • PowerBotix Motor Power Module - ON SALE

Features and Specifications

  • Off the shelf solution - Spend your engineering effort on the more interesting parts of your robot.
  • Fuse protection
  • Isolated DC motor power
  • Highly optimized motor noise filter
  • Screw terminal block interconnect between boards

The module has a pair of terminals to connect to the Battery Input Module.  These are in parallel and are identical. This will allow you to daisy chain Motor Power Modules if you wish.

Any number of Motor Power Modules can be connected to the Battery Input Module as long as the total amperage does not exceed 20A. The Motor Power Modules are filtered and will not let noise from the other systems back into the Battery Input Module.

Each Motor Power Module can supply a circuit with up to 10 amps. The voltage will be passed through from the Battery Input Module.

Remember that components connected together on a single Motor Power Module will not be protected from transients between each other. Use separate modules for filtering between components.

Each Motor Power Module will be fused for protection.

PowerBotix Motor Power Module - ON SALE

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