LT2-F Bloodhound

  • LT2-F Bloodhound
  • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis
  • Rear Flipper/Stabilizer Arm
  • OCU System: Digital Radio
  • OCU Style: Enclosed Case with touchscreen display
  • 30X optical zoom tilt camera system with remotely operated LED lights
  • Spring mounted IR driving camera and rear facing backup IR camera
  • Removable 30X optical zoom 360+ degree pan and tilt camera
  • Video Processing - provides split screen and Quad camera views
  • OCU upgraded to a large 12" touch screen LCD
  • 2-Way audio system for hostage negotiation
  • Tablet records video and still shots
  • Foam lined Shipping and Transport Case
  • Automatic battery charging system
  • Fully configurable/customizable
  • LT2-F Bloodhound Datasheet

  • LT2-F Bloodhound

    • Product Code: LT2-Advanced
    • Brand: SuperDroid Robots
    • MPN: LT2-Standard
    • Availability: Discontinued

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    Available Options

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    None Selected
    No Secondary Monitoring/Repeater
    No Flipper/Stabilizer Arm
    Add Rear Flipper/Stabilizer Arm
    No Nose Camera
    30X Optical Zoom Camera Tilt System with Lights
    Rear facing IR camera
    Spring Mounted Driving Camera
    Removable Top Mounted 360 PT with 30X Optical Zoom - Include Roll Cage
    No Audio
    1-Way Audio from Robot to Remote
    2-Way Audio System
    Video Processing, Split Screen and Quad Video Feed
    HDMI Video Splitter for OCU
    HDMI Video Splitter for Repeater
    Switch Guard
    External Ethernet Jack mounted on Robot and Remote
    Spare battery set for Robot and OCU
    High Gain Antenna with Magnetic Base
    Standard Shipping Crate
    Foam lined Pelican Shipping and Transport Case