RJ45 Field Installable Connector

  • RJ45 Field Installable Connector


  • Shielded RJ45 Crimp Connector
  • Field Installable Assembly Type Zinc Connector Kit
    • (Five Shell pieces, One Inner Compression Seal, and One Ethernet Connector (includes 1-Oring and 1-Flat seal)
  • To Add Cable - (Disassemble and route an ethernet cable through the end piece and compression seal and the rest of shell pieces, crimp the cable to ethernet connector and reassemble, Before tightening the end piece, tighten the waterproof end by holding the ethernet connector while turning the shell until the O-ring is compressed.)

This connector kit will allow you to turn your existing RJ45 connector into a waterproof, rugged connector, that can seal to IP68 when connected to one of our female panel connectors. It's easy to install, and the crimp connector is included.

From the picture, you can see that we use a metal housing. It's a zinc alloy that's very tough. It's great for use in really tough environments, like the oil industry, law enforcement field work, and in some factories that are just tough on hardware. Don't risk a broken port, use this to ensure that your equipment isn't compromised by a flimsy port in a rugged environment.

RJ45 Field Installable Connector

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