Mobile UVC Light Platform - Remote control FPV System - Discontinued

  • Mobile UVC Light Platform - Remote control FPV System - Discontinued
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  • Forward facing FPV camera
  • Durable aluminum 2WD chassis
  • Easy-to-use remote control system
  • Remotely activated UVC light system

Standard Configuration

This robot comes fully assembled, tested, and ready to run. (The UVC lights will be packaged separately and will require installation). The following items are included:

  • Complete 2WD remote control platform fully assembled and tested.
    • Run time up to 4 hours.
    • Speed: up to 2.3 mph
    • Weight: 83 lbs
  • Remote control for driving robot and turning on UVC light and FPV monitor mounted to remote for viewing real time video feed
  • FPV camera mounted on robot for providing first person view of where the robot is driving
  • UV Light system
    • Qty 6 30W 36 inch UVC lights with 254 nm wavelength
    • light fixture for holding UVC lights in cylindrical pattern including wiring and ballasts
    • remote operation so lights can be turned on and off from the robot's remote
    • separate battery and power supply system allows the lights to operate continuously for over 2 hours


This robot has been discontinued and is no longer available. For other custom robots we recommend filling out our custom robot request form located here: Custom Robot Requests

This robot makes it easy and safe to move UVC light, which has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses. The robot uses six germicidal UVC light bulbs that are remotely activated at the flip of a switch, eliminating the risk of human exposure! The 2WD platform is ideal for indoor use allowing smooth operation and good maneuverability. The robot is equipped with a camera that transmits live video back to a monitor on the remote. This allows the operator to drive the robot around while staying in a separate room, safely away from the UVC lights. Once the area is disinfected, the operator can remotely turn off the UVC lights and enter the area safely.

Recent studies have shown UVC lights to be an effective tool to clean high-traffic areas. UVC radiation breaks down the DNA or RNA of microorganisms and damage their genetic code. This damage prevents the bacteria or virus from reproducing and spreading. UVC radiation, however, is not safe for humans as it can cause damage to eyes and skin. The UVC robot makes this process easier as the operator doesn't need to go into the room/area to reposition the lights. Since distance and length of time of exposure impact the effectiveness of the UVC light, it may be necessary to move the UVC lights around a room to disinfect it entirely. This robot should be used with caution. Exposure to UVC light can be harmful to skin and eyes.

Note: We at SuperDroid Robots are not experts in UVC disinfecting technology and cannot make any guarantees of its effectiveness at killing viruses and bacteria. We are providing this product as an efficient way to move UVC lights around a room. The user is responsible for establishing an effective and safe disinfecting routine. For more information about the effectiveness of UVC radiation see the links under the Documentation and Support section below.

Mobile UVC Light Platform - Remote control FPV System - Discontinued

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