Smart Charger for 9.6V - 18V NiMH and NiCad - DISCONTINUED

  • Smart Charger for 9.6V - 18V NiMH and NiCad - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

  • Universal Fast Smart Charger is designed for charging any NiMH / NiCd Battery Pack from 9.6V - 18V, for 8 to 15 cells pack.
  • LED flashing red-green-red before charging (no battery connection) in order to test the IC of the charger if ready to use.
  • It is a very smart charger. Just plug it in and wait for the battery to get fully charged. Red LED indicates charging and Green LED means fully charged
  • Short circuit protection: No output voltage from the charger if the battery is not connected.
  • 120-240V AC input for worldwide use.
  • Built in temperature sensor to double ensure the battery pack from overcharging.
  • Battery temperature sensor wire is included for your battery.
  • Auto detects battery pack voltage and sets up proper charging voltage.
  • Cuts off power automatically by negative delta V IC when battery pack is fully charge.
  • Built in IC protecting battery from over current, short circuit & reverse polarity.
  • One temperature sensor outlet (Female BEC connector) is installed with the charger for double protection of battery from being overcharged.
  • You must use temperature sensor to charge 12V or higher NiMH battery pack.
  • For <12V battery pack, you may recharge battery without sensor. However, putting a temperature sensor on the battery pack is always a good idea.
  • Two current levels: 0.9A and 1.8A selectable by a switch for both low (< 2800mAhr) and high capacity battery pack (> 2800mAhr)
  • For battery packs between 900mAhr and 2800 mAh, please use the low level switch -- charging rate: 0.9A
  • For battery packs over 2800 mAhr, please use the high level switch -- charging rate: 1.8A
  • The smart charger will cut-off power automatically when battery is full. However, Charging time can be estimated as the follow:
  • Time ( Hrs ) = Battery capacity (Ah) / Charging current ( 0.9A or 1.8A )
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 64mm x 38mm (5.5" X 2.5" X 1.5")
  • Weight: 272g (0.6 lb)
  • One 5' cable with female Tamiya connector and two clips which allow you to connect a battery pack to the smart charger.
  • One temperature sensor (70 C thermister) is included for battery packs that don't have thermostat protection. It must be connected between battery charger and the battery pack before charging to protect battery from overcharging. It will cut-off power if battery temperature is over 70 C.
  • How to use Temperature sensor:
    1. Attach temperature sensor to battery pack inside firmly --- you can use electronic tape or glue to attach the sensor to the battery's surface
    2. Plug (red, BEC ) connector into the temperature socket into the charger

Documentation and Support


  • Please don't use the charger to charge battery pack with capacity less than 900 mAh
  • If your battery pack is 12V or more, always use temperature sensor (included) to double ensure power cut-off. The temperature sensor must be attached to battery pack firmly by electric tape or glue (see above to see how)
  • If you have questions on what current setting to use, please check the battery specification to find out what is the maximum charging current before selecting the charging current.
  • The charger is designed for indoor use only.
  • The charger should be horizontally positioned and work in well ventilated conditions, avoid moisture and keep it away from inflammable explosive goods.
  • Ambient temperature shall not be more than 40 degree C when using the charger.
  • Remove the AC power before connecting or disconnecting the charger with batteries.

Multi-Current Smart Charger (0.9 - 1.8A) For any 9.6V - 18V NiMH / NiCad Battery Packs

Smart Charger for 9.6V - 18V NiMH and NiCad - DISCONTINUED

  • Product Code: TE-106-018
  • Availability: Discontinued

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