Tools and Prototyping

Often the difference between finished and unfinished robot builds is having the right tools. We’ve had decades of experience building thousands of robots to find the tools we like, and we want you to have the same tools we use (at least the ones we can safely ship to you).

Put these robot tools to good use and grab some electrical robot parts, mechanical robot parts, robot kits, or even a pre-built robot that you can customize further with these tools.

Once you fill up your toolbox, fill up your cranium with lots of useful robot info from our Knowledge Base.

Step Drill Set 3 Piece
Step Drill Set 3 Piece

This 3 piece High Speed Steel Step Drill set is ideal for cutting through metal and plastic quickly ..

Product Code: T-024-003

8 In stock


Wire D-Sub Crimping Tool
Wire D-Sub Crimping Tool

Get this crimping tool to help you crimp the crimps onto the wires for various Sensors, etc. 7 1/4"..

Product Code: T-011-000

10 In stock


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