Configurable - Gas Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package

  • Configurable - Gas Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package
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Standard Configuration

  • The robot weighs about 180lbs with motors, batteries, and lawnmower.
  • Steel Frame Robot Chassis for a 21" deck.
  • All the electrical connectors, wires, etc. and hardware needed to get you started.
  • 13" pneumatic drive wheels, 6" pneumatic caster wheels.
  • PCS-250 24VDC 120 RPM Wheel Chair Motor. New design as of March 2021.
  • 2x60 Motor controller (Qty 1)
  • 12V 35Ahr SLA batteries (Qty 2).
  • Battery charger.
  • Unpainted. (you can select for us to paint it in the options below)
  • Remote mower cutoff brackets and servo. (you can select for us to include brackets and a servo to allow you to turn off the gas powered mower from the remote control in the options below. You will still have to start the mower manually, but this option will allow you to turn it off remotely)
  • Lawnmower NOT included. (you can select for us to include the lawnmower in the options below by selecting for us to assemble the robot and mower together. The mower will be included in that assembly price)
  • Unassembled, Manual included. Or you can select the full assembly and we will assemble and test it for you.
  • Specifications of this configuration:
    • Drive Method: Direct Drive.
    • Axle Mount: Direct Mount (DM) - the axles are mounted directly to the motor shaft.
    • Speed: ~5 mph (120 RPM motors and 13" wheels).
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 41 x 26 x 19 inches.
    • Weight: Approximately 140lbs.
    • Capacity: Payload of approximately 100lbs.

Available Options

(Selected Below)

The standard items and options are listed below. They are listed as links and can be clicked to view further details. We offer different motors, batteries, etc. so you can configure the robot to your exact needs. The weight of the robot, its capacity, speed, etc. depends on the robot's configuration. The item details of the options listed below will specify weights, sizes, etc.

  • Motors
  • RC Controllers
  • Custom Paint
  • Lawnmower
  • Professional Assembly


  • This item is Built to Order 2-4 Weeks.
  • Assembly will add approximately 1 week.
  • Due to the size of this item, freight shipping is typically required. We will contact you after checkout with freight costs and arrangements.
  • Need it faster? Contact us


The options are pre-selected to reflect our recommended configuration but can be changed to suit your needs. If you're interested in an electric mower kit, click here.

This mower is not recommended on slopes steeper than 20°. While it has the power to go up steeper inclines the caster wheels may cause the mower to swing off it's intended course. See our new 4WD slope mower for mowing slopes steeper than 20°.

This is something every homeowner needs! A Kit that easily converts a 21inch Lawnmower into a robot that can be driven with remote control or for the adventurous made to cut the lawn autonomously.

We have built many remote control lawnmowers over the years and keep getting requests for a DIY kit. This kit will allow you to take a standard 21-inch lawnmower and modify it to mount to this chassis. By default, the lawnmower is not included but if you wish you can select for us to include it in the options below. We can modify this kit to work with other lawnmower decks if needed but the mower we are using is standard 21" mower. Another option we have been using is an Electric Kobalt mower. It has enough runtime to cut up to a half an acre before recharging. The advantage of the electric mower is being able to remotely turn the mower blades on and off. If you're interested in an electric mower kit, click here. If you need something customized contact us for a custom robot quote.

The frame of this robot is made from tube steel and heavy gauge steel cut on our CNC plasma table. It is welded together in a jig we set up so the lawnmower inserts into the frame using the existing wheel mounts, which also lets you set the height of the deck.

The robot is driven by the provided 13-inch tires in the back driven by heavy-duty motors. The 6-inch casters in the front allow easy maneuverability. This mower is faster, more powerful and has longer run time than our previous version.

Configurable - Gas Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package

  • Product Code: TP-261-000
  • Brand: SuperDroid Robots
  • Availability: Built to Order 2-4 Weeks
  • This item does not qualify for free shipping
  • $4,350.00

Available Options

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No Motors
No Battery
No Motor Controller
No RC Controller
Battery Bracket and Electronic Enclosure Bracket
No Battery Bracket
No Battery Charger
Battery Charging system
Prime and Paint Chassis
No Remote Mower Cutoff
Remote Mower Cutoff Servo and Brackets
Full Assembly without mower
Full Assembly with Gas mower attached

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