Prebuilt 4WD Programmable GPS Navigation Platform - IG42 SB - SOLD

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This a prebuilt robot assembled from the Programmable GPS Mobile 4WD Robot Development Platform - IG42 SB. The robot is being sold in the configuration listed below. The prebuilt robot is fully assembled, tested and is ready to run. For a customized configuration please follow the preceding link and select the options you desire on the bottom of the item page. If further customization is required, please fill out our Custom Robot Request Form.

This is a 4WD IG42 single bearing platform that includes autonomous GPS navigation. A full array of sensors including a Pololu IMU, motor encoders, and a Garmin 18x 5 Hz GPS work together to provide waypoint navigation with up to 3 meter accuracy. In addition, two adjustable Garmin LIDAR-Lites are mounted on the top deck for obstacle detection. This platform is RC controlled but includes our WiFi control package for additional control options. A fully programed Arduino Mega is implemented with a waypoint queueing system for route planning and a queue reset to loop routes without flashing code. In its current configuration, the Arduino reports back to our xBee interface package to provide data logging, position/orientation tracking, and raw sensor feedback. Of course, the source code is provided with 2 hours of technical support so this platform can be customized to your liking.

Prebuilt 4WD Programmable GPS Navigation Platform - IG42 SB - SOLD

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