The image gallery displays possible configurations of this robot.

This is a prebuilt robot. Ready to ship, fully assembled and ready to run. The robot is configured as listed below. If you desire a custom configuration please follow this link and select the options at the bottom of the page. If you require further customization, please fill out our custom robot request form.

This is our Generation 4b RP2W (Remote Presence 2-Way) Robot which is completely assembled, tested, and ready to ship. The robot has been customized with a longer mast to bring the computer and camera up higher. Otherwise, this robot is the same as our RP2W Two Way Remote Presence Robot - Open Style with all the options and it also includes an extended mask and a high gain multidirectional microphone at no additional cost.

This robot brings video conferencing to a new level by allowing the remote user to drive the robot around the office anywhere within the WiFi network. The Generation 4 RP2W allows easy setup of the robot, just connect the fully setup and tested integrated laptop to your wireless network using the built in wireless network adaptor.

The RP2W (Remote Presence 2-Way) is a remote presence robot which allows professionals in different geographical locations to teleconference and establish a remote presence via a mobile robot. Real-time video allows for detailed viewing and audio of the surroundings. The robot allows mobility within the workplace. The robot, made by SuperDroid Robots Inc. has two-way video, two way-audio, non-contact sensors, and battery voltage monitoring. All of this is accomplished using wireless technology. The robot is controlled from a remote location using a personal computer and a gamepad controller. Optional accessories include encoders for tracking the distance the robot has traveled, LED lights, and a docking/charging station.

The RP2W has a stable 2WD platform that can traverse most indoor surfaces including carpet. The left and right motors are independently controlled allowing pivot turns and full maneuverability. The motors are controlled by the remote user with a gamepad controller that utilizes SuperDroid Robots RP2W custom robot control software. The other joystick of the gamepad controls the camera. The camera has a full 360+ degree pan and 150+ degree tilt. Using the gamepad D-Pad the user can trim (incrementally position) the camera or use the joystick and move the camera rapidly to see throughout the room. The design allows the camera to look straight down so it can view the laptop and the base of the robot.

This robot is equipped with non-contact ultrasonic sonar sensors at the base of the robot to detect low-lying obstacles. One sensor in the front of the robot and one in the back of the robot. The supplied RP2W program will detect and obstruction and stop the robot from driving. The user can use the camera pan and tilt and look down at the base of the robot to confirm the obstruction or over-ride the sensors on a false indication. A front bumper switch is also supplied that will stop the robot's forward motion and can be over-ridden too.

The robot is controlled through the office/remote location using a WiFi 802.11b/g network. The office router then allows the remote user to port through to the robot from the internet. SuperDroid Robots RP2W control software establishes a connection to the robot so the remote user can command and control the robot and view the camera. If for any reason the remote connection is interrupted or broken the robot will detect the lost connection and safely stop driving. The robot will automatically resume when the connection is re-established. Connecting the robot to the office computer is simple, its a standard laptop so you scan for your wireless router and connect to it. The Laptop should be given a static IP address to allow the remote user or router to easily find the robot's laptop.

The aluminum robot chassis is laser cut, CNC bent and welded construction. The robot wheels and axles are supported by sealed ball bearings yielding very smooth operation with minimal maintenance. The robot is power with two 7Ahr sealed gel cell batteries and can yield more than 8 hours of operation. We configure the robot to run with 12volts. The robot has two charging configurations: While using the charging system, the robot will automatically its batteries and run from AC power during long meetings, idle time, or after hours. The laptop is set up to charge from the robot's battery using the supplied and installed charger or you remotely turn off the charger and have the laptop run off its own batteries to prolong the robot's batteries. This package includes a docking Station: This is a base that you back the robot into and the robot is automatically charged with a 12VDC charger.

Customized RP2W Two Way Telepresence Robot - SOLD

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