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Inflate tires before use! Underinflated tires can spin on the rim rupturing the tube inside.

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These shafts are made to order and may require a 1-3 business days before shipment.

These large aggressive tread ATR wheels are 10" in diameter. They come as pair and have steel 1/2" diameter shafts and bearings for our IG42 standard ATRs with a 8mm bore. They are pneumatic to handle high loads. This item also includes a custom machined shaft with a welded hub that matches the bolt pattern of the wheel. The shaft is 1/2" in diameter and has a 8mm bore to accept a motor D shaft. A lock collar is provided to set screw the shaft to the motor shaft. A sealed ball bearing is provided to support the shaft. The ball bearing mounts into our 2nd generation 42mm ATR frames as well as our custom length ATR sides and our single motor mounts.

These wheels and shafts work great with our IG42 gear motors largest gear motors they will climb virtually anything. To calculate the speed of the robot just take the output RPM * wheel diameter (in inches) * 3.14 / 12 = feet per minute.

The shaft is bored with a 8mm hole for mounting onto the IG42 gear motors.

ATR Wheel and Shaft Set Pair 8mm bore - 10 inch Traction Lug

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