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Features and Specifications

  • Rated Power: 276W
  • Output Speed: 120rpm
  • Motor Length: 337mm
  • Rated Voltage: 24V
  • Reduction Ratio: I=7,I=10,I=15, I=36
  • Motor Diameter: 82.8mm



Due to the weight of these items, they do not qualify for free domestic shipping. (About 37lbs packed up.)

This is a set of wheelchair motors. They make great heavy duty robot motors. One left motor and one right motor (sold as a pair, we will not split the packages). They are right angle gear drives with a release (for free wheeling) and electric brakes on the motor. They are 24VDC and the operating speed is 120 RPM. As an option you can select for us to add encoders to the back of the motors. We use USDigital encoders.

LST10 24VDC 120 RPM Wheel Chair Motor Pair - ON SALE

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