Prebuilt HD2-S Robot with 6 Axis Arm - Advanced Configuration - SOLD

The image gallery displays possible configurations of this robot.

Prebuilt Configuration

  • 6-Axis Arm
  • Enclosed Case 2.4Ghz Digital Tactical Robot Controller with 12" Microsoft Surface 4 Pro Tablet
  • Arm mounted pan-tilt camera with 30X optical zoom and laser pointer
  • Additional forearm, front, and rear IR cameras
  • Quad View camera display allows you to see all four cameras at once
  • Kinematic model of robot and arm displayed on tablet in OCU shows real time position of arm in relation to the robot
  • Mounted LED Lights with battery and controls
  • 2-way Audio
  • Removable batteries
  • Qty 2: K2 25.6V LiFePO4 Battery Packs 9.6Ahr
  • This robot is completely assembled, tested, and ready to go. It also includes a 1 year warranty.
  • This will be shipped in a foam lined transport case via freight carrier.
  • Specifications of this prebuilt configuration:
    • Robot Run Time: Up to 8 hours.
    • Speed: 0 to 2 ft per second, infinitely adjustable/controllable.
    • Weight: 150 lbs.
    • Dimensions: Total Width: ~20", Total Length: ~38" Height (Parked): 26.10".
    • Special Feature: 6-axis Arm with a 400 deg rotating base and +/- 90 deg wrist tilt. 6-Axis upgrade also include position feedback on base, shoulder, elbow, and wrist tilt
      • Shoulder rotation: 180 degrees.
      • Elbow rotation: 140 degrees.
      • Wrist rotation: Continuous.
      • Wrist Tilt: +/- 90 deg wrist tilt.
      • Gripper Width: 5 inches.
      • Base: 400 degree rotating base.
      • Arm payload: 20+ pounds fully extended.


This package includes the following features:

  • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis with 6-Axis arm
    400 degree Rotating Base
    180 degree Shoulder
    180 degree Elbow
    Continuous Wrist Rotation
    160 degree Wrist Tilt
    5” opening Parallel Finger Gripper
  • OCU System: Digital Radio
  • OCU Style: Enclosed Case
  • 30X optical zoom 360 pan and tilt camera system with remotely operated LED flood lights, tactical spot light, and laser
  • Rear, front and gripper IR cameras
  • Video Processing - provides split screen and Quad camera views
  • OCU upgraded to a large 12" touch screen LCD
  • Kinematic model of robot and arm displayed on OCU LCD
  • 2-Way audio system for hostage negotiation
  • Tablet records video and still shots
  • Remotely Actuated Rear Stabilizer Bar
  • EOD ready with Carbon Fire 10 disruptor mount
  • External Ethernet Jacks on the OCU and Robot for tethered operation or 4G broadcast
  • Easily removable batteries
  • Foam lined reusable transport and storage case
  • Automatic battery charging system


  • This package is already built, tested and ready to ship. Please allow 1 week to top off the batteries and get it crated.
  • This is a heavy robot and must ship Freight. Freight costs will be added after checkout.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.


  • SuperDroid Robots will repair any manufacturing defects for 1 Year after shipment. Damage from abuse or neglect will not be covered. Warranty work performed by SuperDroid Robots in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Warranty does not include shipping. Additional warranty options are available upon request.
  • Consumable items will not be covered by the warranty. Consumable items include, but are not limited to treads, chains, bearings, wheels, and batteries.
  • Extended warranties, spare parts, and maintenance training is available, contact us with specific needs. Service agreements are also available.


This is a modified prebuilt robot based on the HD2 Mastiff Tactical Robot. The robot is being sold in the configuration listed below. The prebuilt robot is fully assembled, tested and is ready to run. For a customized configuration please follow the preceding link and select the options you desire on the bottom of the item page. If further customization is required, please fill out our Custom Robot Request Form.

This is our HD2 Mastiff Advanced Package with a 6-axis robotic arm. This robot package is complete including the robot, controller (OCU), battery chargers, and complete assembly and testing.

Prebuilt HD2-S Robot with 6 Axis Arm - Advanced Configuration - SOLD

  • Brand: SuperDroid Robots
  • Product Code: TP-500-274
  • Availability: Discontinued
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  • $42,590.50

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