• (1) Modified Servo Arm
  • (4) Crimp Terminals
  • (1) Detector - Ultrasonic, SRF04 Ranger
  • (2) Heat Shrink, 1/4" X 1"
  • (1) Servo, Standard
  • (1) Hardware Package
  • (1) Receptacle, 4 Circuit Terminal Housing
  • (1) Wire, 4 Conductor, Stranded, ~16" Long
  • (1) Single Scanner Servo Arm Bracket

The Ultrasonic Scanner package is a highly recommended addition to the SuperDroid Trekker or your own personal robot project. The sweeping Ultrasonic detector is a Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic ranger mounted to a servo that mounts to the front of the Trekker Chassis with the front scanner bracket. It can also be mounted to the top of the Trekker chassis with the single or dual top scanner bracket. The servo can be programmed to scan at any angle from -90 to +90 degrees (0 degrees being straight forward). This gives the Trekker (or your own robot) a set of eyes. The Ultrasonic detector will detect obstacles and cause the robot to stop, the servo can then look in either direction for a preferred way around the obstacle.

The SRF04 Ultrasonic detector can detect from ~4 inches to ~10 feet. This sensor package will plug directly into the OOPic-R Expansion Board ultrasonic sensor headers.

Trekker Sweeping SRF04 Ultrasonic Scanner Package - ON SALE

  • $57.95
  • $29.00

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