Custom Specialized Robots

SuperDroid Robots has built many custom robots over the years. This page shows off some of the robots that we have built to make life a little easier and a lot more fun!

Since we design and build everything under the same roof in NC, USA, we can provide these custom solutions at very affordable prices. Click on the 'Request a Quote' button at the top of the page and we can provide you with an estimate to bring your solution to life! Are you interested in building your own custom robot? Check out our How to Build a Robot Support Page.

RealCow Robotic System

SuperDroid Robots builds the robotic base and control system for the RealCow Training System.


  • Rugged Chassis
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Moving Cattle Prop

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ATV Safety Robot

To make the quad look realistic we added a mannequin with all the appropriate riding gear. We hid all the mechanical components inside it to make the head tilt up and down, and look left and right. The 'eyes' are LEDs and can be turned on and off remotely. There are strobe lights to make the ATV more flashy but they can be disabled with the remote if wanted. The mannequin also has a speaker in the helmet to broadcast whatever you want it to say via a remote microphone.


  • Custom Remote Steering System
  • Built-in Speaker/Microphone System
  • Realistic Movement

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Custom Hydraulic Workhorse - Operation Overkill

This robotic vehicle was built to showcase the capabilities of our facility and engineering team. It has a 690 CC V twin engine with modified custom exhaust and remote start, a kill switch, and a full on board computer to host a wide range of accessories. It has a top speed of 14 miles per hour and is very powerful. It is very versatile and can drive on very rough terrain. It could be used for pulling farming equipment, towing vehicles, dredging, landscaping, or even for surveillance on rugged terrain. We've mounted a rotating platform with a camera and high-power LED lights. The platform can pan approximately 460 degrees and can tilt down approximately 30 degrees and up approximately 60 degrees. The lights are controlled from the remote and the camera is viewed on the remote's LCD screen.

Currently we can mount a 5000lb. winch or bumper on the front and we can mount a trailer hitch or a bumper on the back. Other attachments could also be mounted and the fuel tank can be sized for more runtime if needed. It can be driven with a remote control or from a computer over WiFi so you can be at an offsite location and still have full control. The robot remains idle until it receives the start signal at which point the engine is started and it is ready to be driven. As always, this robot is fully customizable so if you have other uses for it we are happy to accommodate them.


  • Heavy-Duty All-Terrain Chassis
  • Off-site Remote Control
  • High-Payload Towing Capacity

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Remote Controlled Snow Plow Robot

You may have seen our premier snow removal robot on The Weather Channel, MSNBC, CNN, or Lowes. This custom snow plow is a massive 6-wheel drive remote control robot. The power of this robot will allow you to plow your driveway, cul-de-sac, side walk, or parking lot while you stay warm and comfortable inside your home or business. Please check out the videos and photo gallery below.

The 6WD snow plow was a custom robot that was sold. Let us build one for you! We learned a lot building and testing this robot. We can do a lot of different variations to save some cost too. How about 4WD with a 4 foot blade? Get a lot of snow? How about a snow blower? We can even add a salt spreader on the back!


  • All-Weather Rugged Chassis
  • High-Payload Capacity
  • Adjustable Plow

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Remote Controlled Lawn Mower

Mowing your lawn is hard work. So why not let a robot do it for you? Sit in the shade or inside in the A/C and just drive a lawn mower around using a remote control! We sell these lawnmowers as simple remote control robots, but there are a lot you things you can do to trick them out. Several people have bought them and put sensors and GPSs allowing the mower to cut the grass autonomously. Put a wireless camera or a camera with pan and tilt on it and cut the grass from the couch while you see the video feed onto your TV.


  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Makes Mowing Easy
  • Gas or Electric Mower Options

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We have been building robots for a very long time and every once in a while we will have a beer or three. So one evening, while we were at our local brewery ( Aviator Brewing Company), we asked ourselves a question: Why are we still getting up to get another round when we could just build a robot to do it for us? Hence Keg-a-Droid was born! Both Keg-a-Droid models feature a 2WD mobile chassis with a 2x32 Sabertooth Motor Controller, a CO2 tank and regulator, custom hosing, and a tap system and handle + drip tray. Version 1 (Ice Bath Keg-a-Droid) includes 2 240 RPM IG42 gearmotors, a keg shell ice bucket, and simple RC controls.

For version 2 (Refrigerated Keg-a-Droid) we went all-out and replaced the keg shell with a Kegerator! To compensate for the extra weight, we replaced the motors with more powerful 285 RPM IG52s. We heavily upgraded the controls to make Keg-a-Droid safer in the hands of a mildly inebriated operator in a crowded bar setting. A custom Arduino-based remote now delivers commands to an Arduino Mega on the robot over a radio link, which then commands the motor controller. This enables Keg-a-Droid to disable movement while dispensing beer or when an obstacle is detected by one or both IR distance sensors. We also added a 4 Line LCD and a flow control/metering system that blocks the tap with a solenoid until a valid barcode is scanned, then tracks the amount of beer dispensed and maintains a running tab on the barcode.

The robot itself is an extremely rugged well-built robot. The wheels are axle mounted and are supported using sealed ball bearings. This is a rugged frame made of 1/8" thick aluminum and includes our IG42 gear motors. The aluminum is all cut using CNC Plasma table for an exact fit-up and then hand welded.


  • Fully Refridgerated Keg
  • Barcode Scanner for Tracking Beer Tab
  • Obstacle Detection

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