Tactical Robots

Tactical Robots for SWAT, Fire and Rescue, Military, and Security

New Site Location, Same Company and Products!

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Looking for our Tactical Robots? Because of the increasing demand for our tactical robots, we have moved to a dedicated website to better serve our customers.

The site is for all of our military and law enforcement tactical robots, specializing in remote presence and surveillance. Used for EOD, SWAT, HAZMAT, IED, Police, Fire and Rescue, Inspection, and more.

Tactical Robots, Surveillance Robots, and Military Robot Solutions

Tactical Robots of every size and for any budget. Designed and built specifically for surveillance, investigation, and negotiation. SuperDroid Robots keep humans out of harm's way! The robots offered on this site will save lives and time in hazardous situations. They provide first responders with a quick, simple assessment of dangerous situations from a safe and remote location.