Educational Robots

Robots for Academic Research and the Classroom

Back in 2000, we developed the Superdroid Trekker, a programmable robot specifically designed for students and academic institutions. At the time, most programmable robots were limited in functionality and inadequate for academic purposes. The Trekker successfully provided students and hobbyists with a robotic platform that was completely programmable with a wide range of functionality. Since the Trekker, we have improved our line of educational robots to feature the latest in microcontroller technology and other accessories such as sensors, cameras, and video feeds.

SuperDroid Robots develops, designs, manufactures, tests, supports, and sells robots every day in our North Carolina based facility. This gives us a unique advantage to be able to provide "off the shelf" components and custom solutions at unbeatable prices for an unrivaled value.

From feature rich development robot platforms, to electrical parts and mechanical parts, we have everything you need to build and learn about robotics and related projects.

For educators and graduate level students, we are happy to help you develop a customized robot curriculum as well as design and build custom robots for you; we have designed, built, and sold countless autonomous robots. on-board computers, ARM controllers, MicroChip technology and Arduino controllers and shields. Many other control method options are available to meet any budget and provide ideal autonomy to your robot project. Since we do everything in one shop, from development to sales, we offer the best solution to meet your educational needs. Let us know what you think!

Programmable Robots

These robots are great for hobbyists, educational projects, and basic robotics research. Our line of programmable robots offer a variety of options and features to fit your project!

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Advanced Educational Robot Kits

For graduate-level students and robotics engineers we have plenty of options! From autonomous to programmable, our platforms are here for you!

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Virginia Tech: Fleet of Vectoring Programmable Robots

SuperDroid Robots can handle large orders to meet the needs of your educational program. Back in 2019 Virginia Tech’s engineering department sent our team a request for 18 programmable robots. These robots would serve as platforms that students would change and program. The university chose our vectoring omni-wheel robots for two major reasons. First, these programmable robots are easy to customize and reprogram, allowing students freedom to create. Second, the platforms are affordable! Our engineers built these robots in record time and Virginia Tech was happy with their new fleet of vectoring robots!

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Case Study: Five Heavy Duty ATR Platforms

Old Dominion University purchased five of our 4WD IG52 Heavy Duty Robot Platforms (TP-170-052). These robots were outfitted with powerful IG52 gear motors, Sabertooth 2x25 Motor Controllers, 10 inch tires and an aluminum upper deck with sensor brackets. The University ordered unassembled robots, which reduced cost and introduced students to real-world mechanical assembly and prototyping practices.