Groundhog - Autonomous 4WD Reality Capture

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Reduce work hours spent doing this task 

Why use a robot to handle this job? One of the biggest complaints about recording a site is the time it takes. It’s a repetitive process involving moving a camera and tripod, finding a place out of view, taking a photo, then readjusting the tripod several feet and moving back out of view.  It can take hours out of a busy worker’s schedule! 

Benefits of Using a Robot for Reality Capture

  • Efficiency: Put your reality capture on auto-pilot and free up your team.
  • Frequency: Get updates more often, allowing you to monitor progress and track changes with higher precision to catch problems faster. 
  • Profitability: Reality capture software can't deliver the ROI you're expecting if you can't capture the data. Using a robot gets the job done quickly.

Use Cases

  • Construction - Record progress and changes at active construction sites, keeping tabs on progress as it happens. Using reality capture you can visualize the changes to a jobsite over time. Perform remote inspections and communicate key milestones that can be shared and reviewed. Some reality capture software also creates timelines to track progress as well as compare to your original 3D plans.
  • Facility Management - Active facilities require consistent maintenance and upkeep. Part of keeping those facilities at peak performance is tracking when and where maintenance needs to be performed.

Out of Sight for Peace of Mind

Automation allows you to schedule scans before or after working hours when your area of operation is clear of workers. This gives your workers a sense of privacy while also improving the efficiency of your scans.

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Groundhog - Autonomous 4WD Reality Capture

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