2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG32 and IG42 SB - DISCONTINUED

  • 2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG32 and IG42 SB - DISCONTINUED
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Standard Configuration

  • Includes chassis, hardware, electronics, etc.
  • Two IG32 24VDC 190RPM gear motors(one per axle/wheel) (additional motor options are available including encoders).
  • Variable speed and direction differential drive/steering.
  • The chassis is designed for the listed 7Ahr sealed lead acid batteries (more options available)
  • A battery charger is included (options are available).
  • This robot comes complete with a motor controller (additional motor controller options are available).
  • This kit comes unassembled. Assembly can be selected as an option below.
  • Specifications of this configuration:
    • Drive Method: Direct drive.
    • Axle Mount: Single Bearing (SB) - the axles are mounted to the motors and one sealed ball bearing.
    • Speed: 250 ft/min (with 190 RPM motors). Different motors can be selected below to adjust the speed. Use our Robot Speed Calculator for calculating the speed with different motors.
    • Weight: Approximately 21lbs.
    • Capacity: Payload of approximately 25lbs. (selecting higher torque/lower RPM gear motors will allow for a higher payload).

Available Options

The standard items and options are listed below. They are listed as links and can be clicked to view further details. We offer many different motors, motor controllers, batteries, etc. so you can configure the robot to your exact needs. The weight of the robot, its capacity, speed, etc. depend on how the robot is configured. The item details of the options listed below will specify weights, sizes, etc. This robot platform is a skid steer robot (left and right wheels are slowed down, stopped or reversed to turn). Since it has to skid to steer, friction is the major contributing factor for sizing your components. The more the robot weighs, the harder to turn. The higher the friction coefficient (deep grass, carpet, etc.), the harder it is to turn. The lower RPM motors have lower speed, but more torque for easier turning. The default options listed below are what we recommend as a good starting point. Contact us if you need help selecting options or need custom configuration.


  • This item usually ships within 1-3 days depending on volume.
  • Assembly adds a couple more days.
  • Need it faster? Contact us.

This robot kit consists of the 2WD Robot Chassis and provides all the necessary parts to turn the robot chassis into a operational robot. For details about the chassis, see the 2WD Robot Chassis item page. The robot is shown assembled with optional battery and mounts, PWM motor controllers, and IG32P 190 RPM motors.

2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG32 and IG42 SB - DISCONTINUED

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