Programmable Xbox Kinect Robot Development Platform with On-board Linux WiFi Computer - DISCONTINUED

  • Programmable Xbox Kinect Robot Development Platform with On-board Linux WiFi Computer - DISCONTINUED
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  • Fully Flexible Robotics platform - Specifically designed to provide the most flexible platform possible for research and development projects. The open chassis and platform allows for quick and easy component replacement and additions to suit your needs.
  • Remote Presence Development - Thanks to the on-board video server the robot is perfect for research and development related to remote presence.
  • Autonomous Development - Thanks to the flexibility of the Arduino platform the robot is perfect for developing and testing your own autonomous robotics algorithms.
  • University Design Projects - Thanks to the flexibility of the platform it’s perfectly suited for design and testing of your own control systems, algorithms and sensor arrays.

Standard Configuration

This robot comes with the recommended and most popular set up. By changing, adding or removing features at the bottom of this page you can configure the robot to suit your needs and budget.

  • Object Detection: Mounted Xbox Kinect for detailed and accurate motion detection, mapping, video surveillance, and object avoidance.
  • Interface: C++ software application to relay commands received over the network to the motor controllers.
  • Software: Sample C# inteface software application that drives the robot and displays the Xbox Kinect video feed; the robot comes with basic commands so you can drive it immediately. You are able to modify the code to control the pan/tilt sytem, display the depth chart (for mapping), etc.
  • Software: OpenKinect software enabling you to program the robot to broadcast the video feed and depth chart over a wireles network to the user.
  • Motherboard: Intel Atom motherboard to serve the Xbox Kinect and control any device that exists on the network.
  • Wheels: 6 inch wheels with solid steel axles and ball bearing supports.
  • Motors: Four heavy duty planetary gear motors (one per axle/wheel).
  • Speed: Up to 300 feet per minute.
  • Computer System:
    • Intel Atom D2550 NM10 (1.86GHz Dual Core).
    • 2×204pin SO-DIMM DDR3 1066 (1 Slot filled with a 2 GB stick).
    • 32 GB SATA II SSD.
  • Detection: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect.
  • OCU: Logitech Gamepad Controller.
  • Controller: This robot comes complete with a motor controller.
  • Batteries: (2) 12V Batteries in series for 24V 7Ahrs providing 2-4 hours of operation depending on use.
  • Weight: ~34 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 21" x 17" x 11.5".
  • Ground Clearance: 2".
  • Operating System: Example program and Linux OS installed and included.
  • Assembly: This robot comes fully assembled and tested. The computer comes configured with OS and demo program.

Available Options

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  • Encoders: Listed below is an option to add encoders to your robot. This feature will enable to you to precisely track the position of the front shafts.

Contact us if you would like a custom configuration of this robot.


  • This robot is built to order based on the options selected below. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment.
  • Actual delivery may vary based on workload, contact us for a more accurate delivery time.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.

This is a 4WD robot package with 32mm motors that is pre-programmed and fully assembled with onboard computer and Xbox Kinect. The robot is controlled from a Dual Core Intel Atom computer via WiFi and features a solid state hard drive and Linux operating system.

This is the perfect robot for students, curious hobbyists, and professionals seeking an affordable and robust mobile development platform.

Programmable Xbox Kinect Robot Development Platform with On-board Linux WiFi Computer - DISCONTINUED

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